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Welcome to my stop on the #WeAreChangers Blog Tour. The first book in the Changers series – Drew – was released in the UK on 14th January. I was lucky enough to access an e-review copy before Christmas and I think the YA community are going to really enjoy this series.

Imagine just having moved house and you are anticipating your first day at a new school, your first day at high school no less. Feeling stressed yet? Now put yourself in Ethan’s shoes, you wake up and see a petite blonde girl in the mirror, that blonde girl isn’t a stranger, she’s you, you’ve been ‘Chosen’, even down to your name and backstory. And what’s worse your parents make you go to school anyway because this is just what happens to Changers.

When I first read about the concept of this, like others have said, it reminded me of Every Day by David Levithan. In that book the protagonist wakes up in the body of a new person every day. They have no choice over it though, just have to cause the least disruption to the person they displace.

Changers however, grow to the age of 14 in one body, then for the next 4 years they switch once a year to be a different person (different genders, races, etc. but all the same memories and the same family). Finally, at the end of this time they have to pick who they become permanently, but you can’t go back to where you started. What a perfect teen theme, identity, choosing who you have to become at still quite an early age, loss of innocence, loss of childhood.

There’s the Changers Council with their bible and branding, your Touchstone ‘fairy godparent’ to see you through the weirdness and the need to Chronicle the process. There’s a great quote in the book that says “It’s an essential human tendency to forget who we were on the way to becoming who we’re going to be.” Not everyone that knows about Changers is 100% positive about the process and I think that will continue to be explored.

I really enjoyed the read (4/5 stars) and it saw me through/contributed to a sleepless night. I definitely empathised with poor Ethan. There were aspects of the concept that I think need a little more clarification, however because this is the first in the series I am assuming some of that will come later (and lead to a re-read to make full sense of it all – but personally that’s what I enjoy about book series).

With gender identity and sexuality being growing issues in YA literature I am sure Changers will have a lot to contribute on the topic.

The strapline: The Cheerleader, the Nerd, the Jock, the Freak. What if you had to be all four? indicates to me that other issues of equality and understanding of difference will be explored. I’m already anxiously awaiting June when we will follow Oryon for the year.

The authors T Cooper and Allison Glock-Cooper have developed a website ‘We Are Changers’ alongside the books which is an empathy project designed to encourage us all to consider the views of others. As part of this blog tour we were asked to post ‘Unselfies’ – to turn our cameras round, focus outward and capture feelings. On the 2nd January I visited the Harry Potter studio tour for the 6th time. One of the things that saddens me when I go is the fact that so many people rush past elements of the tour (especially the design aspects). When the staff tell me they’ve had people complete the tour in 20 minutes I wonder what they can possibly have taken in. So, I tried to look beyond the obvious and at the detail. People have spent ages creating these items and we have the rare opportunity to access it. Hope you enjoy the selection of Unselfies below. My hat goes off to the crew who made the wizarding world extra magical.

#Unselfies – The Magic Beneath


Look at the detailing on this book that I don’t think I even saw on screen?!


Buckbeak had all the feathers inserted individually. The animatronic model is so regal. In the third book Draco’s reduced empathy is demonstrated when he insults Buckbeak.


Detailing on the Curtain’s in Dumbledore’s office. Texture adds reality.

owl egg

Did you know the catch on the golden egg was shaped like an owl? Until I visited the Studio Tour I didn’t.


Look beyond the obvious, check out the detail. With people look beyond the behaviour and see if you can understand the motivation. The reasons behind someone’s actions might surprise you. Explore your own motivations, explore who you want to be.

What would you do if you woke up as a different person tomorrow?





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