Sun Catcher series – Character Interview – Maia – #countdownya

A couple of days ago I shared my reviews of Sun Catcher and Storm Chaser and now here’s an interview with 13 year old Maia – the series protagonist (Sheila Rance the author is here whispering from the silk too).

From the back of Sun Catcher

Maia dreams of being a Story Teller, or a Weaver, like her father, Tareth, but when the Watcher names her Sun Catcher, she must face a destiny that Tareth has kept hidden from her. For Maia is more powerful than she knows, and she is about to discover that though he sun’s fire may be dangerous… So is she.


Maia, in your world, the Watcher prophesies people to a number of roles, Sun Catcher, Storm Chaser, and so on. If you could go back to your Naming Day, what role would you want the Watcher to give you, and why?

I always wanted to fly an eagle like Tareth, the Warrior Weaver, so I hoped the Watcher would name me Sky Warrior or Eagle Hunter.


Razek and Kodo compete for your attention – what actions of theirs makes them worthy of it?


I’ve known Razek for as long as I can remember. We argue a lot and because he’s the Weed Master he always thinks he’s right. He’s not. And he did a terrible thing so I thought I’d never forgive him. He said I was the storm he chased. He risked losing everything when he followed me into the Vast because he thought I would be killed. Even when I said I hated him he tried to save me. It’s sometimes hard to be friends with Razek but I am.


Kodo is a loyal friend. He took the blame and kept Magnus, the eagle, safe from Ootey’s revenge when I broke the taboo and went to the lizard scrape to steal a baby lizard and Magnus killed a hatchling. And then he saved Tareth’s life twice, once from drowning and then from being discovered by the Wulf Kin. He tried to rescue me when he thought I was in mortal danger in Khandar.


Both of them are so different but both of them risked their lives for me. I don’t deserve such loyalty and friendship.


What is the most disturbing thing the silk has ever whispered to you?

It showed me the death of my sisters.


Being flame haired can draw negative attention to you in my culture too – what other things singles you out among the cliff dwellers?

Being different. Wanting different things. Not being afraid of the dark or scared of the lizards. Having a secret. Wanting to run free and not listen to the Cave Women when they told me what I should do. Having flame hair made it worse. I was often in trouble. How strange that red hair is considered bad in your culture too. Is your tribe very superstitious too?


Who do you consider to be more like family? Elin, Caspia and Xania or Tareth, Yanna and Zena? 

Tareth. I thought I was his child and even though it wasn’t true he will always be my father. He is kind, wise, fierce and tried to keep me safe. I wish I’d known my sister Xania for longer. She was a warrior. I’d like to be strong like her.


What do you like about Khandar?

The mountains where the Eagle Hunters live.


Animals play important roles in your world, which animal is most important to you? 

I love eagles. And I was given a beautiful horse called Fionn. But if I have to choose only one animal it would be Nefrar, the hunting cat, even though really he’s Yanna’s cheetah. He adopted me. Many of the Warrior Women have hunting cats. If Nefrar finds a mate I hope Yanna will give me one of the kits.


It is said the destiny of a Sun Catcher is to be blinded, what three things would you miss seeing most of all?

Everything. Too many things to count.

The flight of an eagle, Kodo riding his red-crested lizard, sunlight flung like a golden net across the sun-deeps, Tareth’s smile, Nefrar running free, a moon-moth dance, the hand-fast fires, stars and storm clouds.

I won’t think about a Sun Catcher’s fate. Perhaps I can change it.


The final book of the trilogy Story Singer is released on 7th May, if you haven’t read the first two books you’ve just got time. 


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  1. Wow, this sounds like a great story, and I love Maia’s interview! I’d love to know more about her and the mysterious sounding silk.

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