The Birth of Phoenix Rising

Here’s my post on how the Bournemouth and Poole Chapter of the Harry Potter Alliance came into being. Enjoy.

Phoenix Rising

A phoenix is a mythical bird that is cyclically reborn from its own ashes. Phoenix Rising was reborn this summer from the ashes of LeakyCon London. Here’s what happened.

I was lucky enough to get a ticket to attend the first UK held LeakyCon this summer, but because the tickets sold out so quickly I ended up having to go alone. I needn’t have worried, it really did feel like going home. To be surrounded by people who seem to understand or at least accept you was magical. I went as a fan of Harry Potter, delved further into the fandom before I went, sang along with Team Starkid and came away a fan of Wizard Rock. But the one thing I didn’t expect at all was the influence of the Harry Potter Alliance (HPA).

In our welcome bag was the Dumbledore postcard below highlighting the sessions the HPA would…

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