Creating a Love Nest

The first of the textbook chapters I’m going to share with you is ‘Creating a Love Nest’ from Dragon Breeding for Pleasure and Profit [This should be viewed as Harry Potter fan fiction].

Creating a Love Nest

Breeding dragons requires a male dragon and a female dragon to become intimate with one another. Now as a breeder you don’t really need to know the details of this intimacy – if there are any problems it is best to call in the assistance of an experienced dragon veterinary sexpert.
Your role is to create the perfect love nest and this chapter outlines how.

Male dragons and female dragons although both the same species are very different when it comes to their requirements and preferred environments. I’ve outlined these differences below.

• Males like a cool environment, while female dragons tend to feel the chill and like to create a nice roasting fire.
• Males like a sparse environment with only what is needed on display, females like to have pretty flowers, twigs and shiny treasures decorating the nest.
• Males like solid, firm flooring, females prefer something softer which allows for gathering for further warming.
• Males like basic colours: green and brown, females like to see a bit of variety with yellows and reds being a firm favourite (this makes dragon breeding season autumn).

So, how do you create the perfect love nest? Well lady dragons are the dominant of the species so make the nest to fit her specifications and the male dragon will have to make do with a window to stick his head out of to cool down. You’ll make him his own nest to his requirements but the female dragon’s nest will be bigger and it will be where the breeding happens. That is just how it is.

If you want high quality dragon eggs make the female’s nest as glittery as you can – add gold, silver and precious jewels, The more of these you dot round the floor, walls and ceilings the stronger the offspring. Tests have been conducted on average flame distance and the only consistent variable, in ensuring this was as destructive as possible, was bling.

A female's nest example, the male dragon has even dressed the same! Image 'Dragon Roof' courtesy of cbenjasuwan /

A female’s nest example, the male dragon has even dressed the same!
Image ‘Dragon Roof’ courtesy of cbenjasuwan /


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