Q is for… Quantum Leap #AtoZChallenge

Q is for… Quantum Leap

Today’s show isn’t quite as old as the Incredible Hulk but I probably saw it around the same time. Quantum Leap  had five seasons from 1989 − 1993.

Sam Beckett, a scientist leaps back in time – each episode sees him leap into another person’s body and have to do something to solve an issue in their lives before he can leap on. We only see who he is when he looks in the mirror – usually Sam is dressed as them which is funny when they are a lady. He always hopes that his next leap will be the one home. He does have help each week in the form of Al – his holographic colleague and Al’s computer Ziggy who can find out more about where they are and who Sam is. The banter between Scott Bakula and Dean Stockwell was one of the best parts of this show.

Each episode was often like a mini movie – looking at serious issues, race relations, disability (blindness and learning disability), rape, alcoholism and so on.

There is an episode where he leaps into his younger self and tries to change things that he shouldn’t, another where he becomes someone just about to be executed, another where he is a chimp!. Also where a course of ECT makes him act like other people he’s leapt into. I’m not sure if I remember all of these – I sense another box set addition to my wish list.

Here is the Episode intro and music.


Do you remember QL?
What other TV duos do you like?

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  1. Couple of favourite episodes, the one where he saves a deaf dancer from ending up a prostitute and murdered and Pulitzer, the one where he tries to save his brother in Vietnam and the girl reporter takes a picture of Al as a prisoner of war.

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