K is for… (#AtoZChallenge 2012)

K is for Kyle Carey

(Post 11 on my WIP)

Kyle Carey is the first man that Jane meets after joining the academy, and after having sworn off men to concentrate on her studies. Like Jane he has a connection at the academy, his cousin Brian works as the chief administrator. Unlike Jane only a few people know this. He really doesn’t want the nepotism comments Jane’s been getting. He worked bloody hard to secure his place at the academy thank you very much.
Kyle’s skills are ‘more of the physical kind’ and he is one of the few trainees to pass the circuits test first time, just.
Being an attractive type, it isn’t long before he has female attention, not least from Gabrielle. But he has his sights set on Jane and he’s not shy about letting her know.

Michael Trevino is actually a fair bit shorter than I envisioned Kyle but he’s got the dark brooding looks.

If you were Jane would you cancel Man-Lent early for Kyle?
In general how do you decide what to prioritise in your life?

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  1. Much as I imagined looks-wise. This pic almost looks like a beefed up Freddie Prinze Junior (sp?). I wouldn’t have cancelled Man-lent for Kyle, but only because my beady eyes were fixated elsewhere *blush*.

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