Hi all, this is my third of a series of posts on my visit to ‘The Making of Harry Potter – Warner Brothers Studio Tour’ on 9th April 2012.

See the video below for my very first Butterbeer tasting.

So it tasted like cream soda but it was cold!! For some reason I had always assumed it was, and pictured it as a warm drink.
A quick search led me to http://harrypotter.wikia.com/wiki/Butterbeer which highlighted this quote. ‘Butterbeer is served cold in bottles and hot in “foaming tankards”.’ I’m sure somewhere it is referred to as a warming drink with them warming their hands on it although if memory serves )and the link above confirms) there is also mention of dusty bottles of it when Dumbledore’s Army visit the Hog’s Head.

In effect then in the books it can be both hot and cold although on the studio tour it is served iced and in The Wizarding World served iced or as slush. Because it was raining on the day of my visit a nice warm drink would have been lovely. I have to admit I was a little disappointed that it came in a plastic cup and not a tankard. The price was £2.95 for the small cup, you definitely don’t need anything larger (very sweet) but I thought it was a little pricy. Oddly had it been a warm drink I probably would have been happy with that cost.

The Butterbeer machine had been broken and bless them the staff were frantically making it by hand – I have no idea if this affected the taste or my experience but it demonstrates the commitment of the staff to making our experience fantastic (I will dedicate a whole blog post to their wonderfulness).

My final verdict – it has to be done as part of the experience, it tasted nice but I’d like a warm frothy version please.

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