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I am squuuueeee muchly (sorry couldn’t resist) excited to have been selected to receive an Advanced Review Copy (ARC) of Veronica Roth’s follow up to Divergent –  Insurgent.

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I have been allocated to #TeamAbnegationUK. Our challenge is to post the most book reviews in the week of release (1st-8th May) – no review allowed before that. If we beat gently pull ahead of the other factions (Dauntless, Erudite, Amity and Candor) we will win a goodie bag. Follow #INSURGENTUK on Twitter to see who else has been selected.

(Abnegation Image courtesy of serendipity_viv)

(Three birds Image courtesy of my invite e-mail from HarperTeen - a representation of Tris' tattoo?)

In Divergent the heroine Tris has been bought up in Abnegation so I’m very proud to have been selected to represent this faction. Abnegation are called The Selfless, they are said to put the common good above all and others above themselves. I can’t promise that I always do this but try hard when I can. I think in the case of this challenge though we’ll be rooting for our faction and blogging like crazy.

So far I have identified my fellow faction members as:

1. Faction Leader – @daisychainbooks (Twitter) – Blog – Daisy Chain Book Reviews.

2. Faction Leader – @serendipity_viv (Twitter) – Blog – Serendipity Reviews.

3. @sophie_waters (Twitter) – Blog – So Many Books, So Little Time.

4. @theprettybooks (Twitter) – Blog – Pretty Books.

5. @SamBella10 (Twitter) – Blog – Realm of Fiction.

6. @overflowingklc (Twitter) – Blog – The Overflowing Library.

7. @the_reader_room (Twitter) – Blog – The Reader Room.

8. @ChooseYA (Twitter) – Blog – Choose YA Books.

9. @cheezyfeetbooks (Twitter) – Blog  – Cheezyfeet Books

10. @jules_tgtgtb (Twitter) – Blog – The Great, The Good and The Bad

11. @yaindieprincess (Twitter) – Blog – YA Indie Princess.

12. @milelongbookS (Twitter) – Blog – The Mile Long Bookshelf.

13. And me

If the whole Divergent craze has passed you by you can read my review of Divergent here.

If you just can’t get enough:

Divergent  and DivergentUK on Facebook

The US Abnegation Faction Tumblr

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  1. I need to read these books. I just have not had much time lately. The are on my TBR list, though. I’ll head over and read your review.

  2. That’s awesome, congratulations! 😀 I’ll look forward to your review.

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