Penn State Pretzels

Ages ago I was sent some packets of the re-launched Penn State Worcester sauce pretzels to try, one large sharing one (175g – £1.29p) and 3 snack size (30g – 60p) (Prices as of May 2011).


Photo taken from printed press release

This review is my own honest opinion of this food stuff.

Ages ago I sh sh shared them with other people and the result was a bit hit and miss. I guess a bit like Marmite/Twiglets Worcester sauce is an acquired taste. Lucky for me I acquired it pretty quickly and found the pretzels quite moreish but also very filling (so I didn’t even need to eat a whole snack bag in a sitting). Pretzels aren’t really something I’d ever really been into but I have to say they were tasty.
The snack packs were perfect to take with me on my recent trip (read August 2011!) to the COT conference for an in room snack if I needed it.

I took note of the little box on the packet that gives nutritional information and for a 25g serving (I obviously got this from the large bag as the small bags are 30g according to the press release) this were the indications against an adult’s guideline daily amount. Not too bad (maybe because as I was informed they are baked not fried), maybe a touch higher in salt than you’d like but then you do expect that with pretzels more generally.

Calories   /   Sugar         /   Fat         /    Saturates  /   Salt

110/6%    /     1.0g/1%   / 3.0g/4%  /    0.3g/2%   /  0.3g/5%
My main criticism was that the packs I received were very broken and I much preferred the flavour of a whole pretzel to bits (not sure why this is, but it was). I’m sure the bags in the shops will be better protected but I’d advise not storing in the bottom of your bag or chucking across the floor.

I hear Penn State have some half-coated chocolate covered pretzels and air-popped (and therefore healthier) popcorn (a new favourite snack) so I will keep an eye out for my nearest stockists (ASDA according to the press release for the Worcester sauce and Morrisons for the chocolate – not sure where my nearest Morrisons is to be honest though as this review is so late it may be that other stores have snapped them up to) as an occasional treat whilst attempting to be healthier come the new year.

Penn State are on Facebook here.

Feel free to share your reviews of Penn State products or tell me the points for these products on Slimming World as it’s likely that’s the plan I’ll go back to in January ;o)

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