Listography – Top 5 Things That Make Christmas Christmas

Now I think my laminated list may have been the first listography that I took part in but I’m hoping to take part in more from now on (I may try and back track and do some of the old ones at some point).

For more details about Kate Takes 5 Listography please visit her website here.

This list is about what makes Christmas, Christmas.

1. Cadbury’s Chocolate advent calendars 

Yum – countdown by chocolate (and guaranteed daily chocolate – even I don’t eat more than the one window a day). Mum did a blinder with her pick this year – not only did the calendar have a picture and message behind each door but the chocolates got bigger the closer you got to Christmas culminating in this beauty of a cracker (obv the earlier snowman and cracker are not in scale!) and a snowman with a punched face!

2. Christmas Decorations (including the Tree)

Getting them out of the box, putting them up as soon as December hits and leaving them there until Jan 6th. I had to do them all by myself this year. Will be sad to buy new coloured (yes, coloured) lights next year as I’ve been using ones that my parents bought in Woolworths years and years ago – but they are breaking and hurt when you take them out of the box (I’m going to take a leaf out of my crafty friend Catherine’s book though and recycle bits of them to make Christmas cards next year (a post on making cards is to come but for really good examples check out Catherine’s advent of Christmas cards). My parents have this weird Peacock thing that you know it’s Christmas when you see (my sister hates Peacocks and even she wants to see it).

The tree, Candy Canes and Paper Snowflakes (new this year but I can see them becoming a tradition)

3. Family

This should really be number one but hopefully for lots of us our family is there the whole year round. For me this was the second year that my sister wasn’t with us for the whole day (having to do the spend time with us and the boyfriend’s family too) so I think family will become even more important. Now I’m not sure what affect me getting a fella will have on my Christmas but I think it will be a little odd. And then when you have kids Christmas will become about them and I can’t wait to sprinkle some Santa magic around. And boxing day really wouldn’t be right without by mum Sherryl’s Sherry trifle, especially when her hand slips ;o)

See how the trifle and not the family took the picture focus ;o)

4.The Christmas Radio Times and Christmas TV/Films

This is currently the only time of year that I buy the Radio Times and I sit there with a marker pen circling all of the programmes I plan to watch. Our family Christmas does involve some relaxing sitting down and watching Christmas TV and even if they are not scheduled watching certain Christmas films – for us the main one is Muppet’s Christmas Carol but also Santa Claus: The Movie and now Elf (Sssssaaaaaannnnnnta).

5. Presents

Now these really shouldn’t be here should they but they are. Christmas just isn’t the same without new PJs, pants, slippers socks and buying things for other people. My Nainy also started a tradition that I think my sister and I will take forward to our own families of table presents (just one more when you are eating Christmas Dinner).

Here’s one of my new pairs of socks.                                          And we bought my parents tickets to this as one present.

And my table present was a cuddly Om Nom from the Cut the Rope app (in other news I have 3 stars in all levels – get me)

As a P.S. or ‘off list’ I’m hesitant to say snow has to be part of Christmas; because we barely get any, but this year I did make my own!

Only 363 sleeps until next Christmas (damn leap year has snuck in another day’s wait)!


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