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January Photo and Small Stone a Day Challenge complete

Although you can see my daily Photos and read the small stones on the Tumblr link I have also been using the my365 app on my phone to capture the photos too because I like seeing them in calendar form.

Here’s the link to today’s picture and the completion of the January calendar- Pylines

I’m loving the photo apps on my phone and finding it nearly impossible to leave my photos untouched or filtered. Snapseed (the drama filter in particular) is still my favourite – so grateful to iTunes for having that free as part of their 12 Days of Christmas promotion. I’m also finding pictures of the sky or nature feature as my favourites despite (or maybe because of) me spending little time outdoors.

Writing small stones is harder because it takes more brain power but there are a few that I really like.

So 1 month down 11 months to go until I can sign two more things off my Bucket List.

I’ve also been keeping up with the Oh Life journalling which I’m not enjoying as much though it has been a good reminder tool.

100 words in 100 days has fallen by the wayside a bit (as I feared it might).

kirstyes’ 2012 366 Photo/Small Stone Challenge

My plan for 2012

I have decided to set myself a challenge for 2012 and don’t necessarily want to burden any regular readers of my blog with a daily post. So I’m saying hello to tumblr. I’ve seen you around and thought you would be perfect for a daily photo and small stone challenge.

For anyone from here that would like to follow this challenge I’ve provided the link to my tumblr. blog as a menu item or you can find it here –

Therefore for the 366 days (yes 2012 is a leap year, I checked) from 1st January 2012 I plan to post on the tumblr blog a photo and a small stone.

As I should always have my phone on me I’ll use the camera on my iPhone.

A small stone consists of taking time to really notice something (to be mindful) and write it down. I’ll add the links to the original Facebook 365 Photo Challenge and the January River of Stones 2012 challenge to separate posts and they can also be found in the blog description.

Sometimes the photos and small stones will be linked but not necessarily everyday, because it may be a sound or feeling that makes me take notice rather than an image.

I’ve been posting a Silent Sunday photo on my original blog intermittently for a while now and plan to continue to do that, perhaps using one of the pictures from here but maybe using something different.

If you plan to join me either with the photo challenge or the small stones challenge (even if just for January) or both do leave me a comment on the tumblr. blog or below and let me know where I can see your posts.

Just a few days before the challenge and 2012 begin – have a great year everyone.


An iPad Illusion (poem)

An iPad Illusion


I walk around

my finger cocked,

does it have power

to paste my thoughts

on you?


(Just thought I’d share a little poem (or small stone) I wrote today. It’s a weird sensation copying and pasting on the iPad, I keep feeling like I am holding the words in my finger).

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