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S is for… Situating Everyday Life (Book) #AtoZChallenge

S is for… Situating Everyday Life (Book)


Another book I’m yet to read  – but I love the front cover of this one. I have to admit to being very grateful to my dishwasher – my back has definitely been less painful since I got one.

From the back cover:
‘This agenda-setting book provides a coherent, interdisciplinary way to engage with everyday activities and environments. Arguing for an innovative, ethnographic approach…’

Some of my fellow OTs and other online fans may be interested in Chapter 8 – The Digital Places of Everyday Life: Thinking About Activism and the Internet

Chapters for me:
Chapter 1 – Introduction: (Re) Thinking about Everyday Life and Activities
Chapter 2 – Theorising the Familiar: Practices and Places
Chapter 3 – Researching Practices, Places and Representations: Methodologies and Methods

My thoughts:
I think this book may help inform my research methodology – there seems to be discussion of use of online technologies in this (something I mentioned being interested in, in my R post on Saturday).
The idea of the everyday interests me – I have always said I want to look at the ‘everyday’ experience of creative writing rather than looking at creative writing as therapy.
A quick scan through the reference list at the back doesn’t immediately show up obvious OT or Occupational Science literature (hopefully I will find something when I look more closely, if not there is a question that needs asking again about how we can share our insights with others).
I really do love my dishwasher!!

What aspect of your everyday life do you think is worthy of further study?

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