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How are you coping with lockdown?

How are you coping with lockdown?

Here are some things you might be thinking…

Why are some people managing better than me?

I thought I’d be happy with all this time on my hands?

I’ve got no excuses not to do x (that I’ve always wanted to do)… so why aren’t I?

I really miss x (random activity that you thought you didn’t like).

I’m feeling really tired!

I hope this is over soon, I can’t imagine what I’d do for 12 weeks!

I don’t know who I am now I’m not at work.

If this sounds like you then What Now?: Adapting to a New Life might be the group for you.

Did you know that – What we do makes us who we are!

During this time you can use this group in a number of ways.

▪️To take one activity that you miss, or are participating in in a different way, and explore the meaning it gives you by working through the group’s units.

▪️To then think about alternative activities that might give you a similar sense of meaning and that you can do whilst in lockdown.

▪️To learn to adapt to a new or different way of life.

▪️To more generally think about activities that are, or have been important to you, why they are important and the effect they have on you.

The group content is based on a workbook, called the “What Now?’ workbook developed by two occupational therapists.

©2012 Jackie Taylor & Vivienne Jones

Adapted into this online version 2020 by Jackie Taylor and Kirsty Stanley

O is for… (#AtoZChallenge 2012)

O is for Oak Tree (and Occupation)

(Post 15 on my WIP)

Jane, over on the other side, had spotted the great oak tree from which Skye’s leaf had probably fallen. She loved the gnarled wood and age spots and how each leaf seemed to be hanging on by a delicate thread. She captured the carpet of colours of the fallen leaves in a more abstract way.

In ‘Training Time’ Jane is re-introduced to her love of painting and the first thing she draws is an oak tree in a ‘secret garden’ in the grounds of the academy. Today I had a go at drawing an oak tree myself (sans fallen leaves) and realised that I do not share Jane’s talent. I do love trees for some reason and remember we had an orchard at my first school, that we built nests of cut grass under in the summer, and played with acorns with their little hats.

So it seems that my day job has crept into my novel in terms of highlighting and discussing one of the main character’s most meaningful occupations. I wrote about this for last year’s O so I’ll just refer you to that post instead. For now you can just sit back and ‘enjoy’ my tree drawing ;O)


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