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Team Jacob

Sidetracked from writing to the screen last week; I finally saw New Moon. Now I felt this when Reading the books but after the somewhat dismal Twilight adaptation (Cam Giganet was very good though) New Moon was pretty good and I now commit myself fully to Team Jacob. Even though in most other avenues I like vampires, this time I say pick the werewolf. Of course, having read the books I know what happens, and I won’t approve plot spoiling comments.
I do think a certain Mr. Taylor Lautner might be swaying my decision. And though I like Mr. Pattinson, I prefer him as Cedric. As Edward he is too pained for my liking. Give me brooding over moping any day.
Should have some more Twilight merchandise arrive from Amazon today and I’ve pre-ordered the spin-off book.
And Stephanie Meyer, if you read this, which I’m sure you won’t, even though your Edward version was leaked online I’d still buy a hard copy. But, pretty please can we have a Jacob version or Jacob sequel. Thanks.

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