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R is for… Radical Rhetoric #AtoZChallenge

R is for… Radical Rhetoric

One of the current drivers in research is that of impact – getting the message out there.

Often when people finish their PhDs they have a nice bound copy of their thesis to put on their bookshelves and a copy gets into the university library. Nowadays that copy may be electronic, but, still the audience for reading a whole thesis is limited – and if they are unlucky your family and friends may be among them.

Next comes conference presentations and publications in academic journals – again potentially a very limited audience.

If it is newsworthy you might get the sensationalised headlines that I mentioned yesterday.

Within social sciences there has been a drive to use more performative methods of dissemination – e.g. using films, poetry, fictional writing, photographs etc.

Because I will be using autoethnography as my methodology, and as a writer, I am keen to present my work more creatively, I am looking into how I can do this to satisfy my examiners as well as myself. There is also the potential of social media to explore.

    ‘Of all the developments in qualitative inquiry, performative practices are the most radical.’ (Gergen and Gergen, 2011)

This is because of the blurring of art and science – sounds perfect to me.

Here’s a link to an article if you’d like to read any more –

Gergen, M.M. and Gergen, K.J. (2011) Performative Social Sciences and Psychology. Forum: Qualitative Social Research. 12 (1), Art.11.

Are you interested in research that is happening? How would you like to find out about it?

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