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Happy International Women’s Day

Women can be are strong,
crying does not make us weak;
but human,
the same goes for men.
You are a woman
if you are tall or short,
skinny or chubby,
mammaried, small, wonky or removed,
in dresses or trousers,
and simply if you identify as such.
Woman can be whatever they want,
in charge, on the way to the moon;
or followers, feet firmly on the ground.
At home, in work and both.
Woman can achieve things,
the vote, prizes, records,
and one day,
hopefully soon,
If you are a woman or
love a woman
or both.
If you were born from a woman
(yes that’s everyone)
then this day is important.
Celebrate the women in your life.
Celebrate the men too.
Celebrate yourself.
Make your happiness happen.
Happy International Women’s Day to all of the fantastic women I know and all of the men that love them. This year’s theme is Make it Happen, let’s take a step closer to equality, #heforshe and #sheforhe. 


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