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G is for… Graeme Harper’s Interviews with Contemporary Writers (Inside Creative Writing) (Book)#AtoZChallenge

G is for… Graeme Harper’s Interviews with Contemporary Writers (Inside Creative Writing) (Book)

Image of my edition via my tumblr blog

Unfortunately I’ve not had chance to read this book but a quick scan through suggests it will be an enjoyable one.

Like my last post it is a book where writers ‘talk’ about writing.

When I first got it and had a look I did think that the project that Graeme Harper had undertaken is similar to what I want to do for my PhD so the first thought was panic because PhDs are all about originality. Mine will have the added occupational science slant and I’m sure/I hope I will be taking a slightly different focus.

He basically asked fifteen questions of fourteen contemporary writers including Iain Banks, Nadine Gordimer and Philip Pullman.

The questions were all about the process of creative writing on the following themes:

1.    Beginning Creative Writing
2.    Creative Writing and Others
3.    Passions for Creative Writing
4.    That Word ‘Creative’
5.    The Idea of Drafting
6.    Other Creative Writers
7.    Creative Work-in-Progress
8.    Creative Writing Habitats
9.    Knowledge: Subject and Themes
10.    Writing Craft and Skills
11.    Reading and Not Writing
12.    Other Practicalities
13.    Exploring Creative Writing Exercises
14.    Asking Another Writer a Question
15.    Past, Present and Future

Graeme writes an overall introduction and conclusion and there is an introduction to each chapter, the responses of the writers interviewed and each concludes with an exercise and reflection point. Like the last book this has an academic slant but it seems very accessible.

I think this will be a very useful and necessary text for me to read cover to cover – it’s on the very long list.

Who would be your top writers to interview?

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