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Goody Good Stuff (Veggie Sweets)


At the end of last year I was lucky enough to be sent samples of these vegetarian jelly sweets from Goody Good Stuff to try. Needless to say I ate them all ages ago and this post has just been delayed for one reason or another.

I have to admit to having still eaten sweets and things with gelatine in them so it is great to find alternatives to help me be a better vegetarian. I recently found that the Hartley’s 10 cal jellies are veggie friendly (great for a low cal fast day treat – I’m doing the 5:2 diet).

As well as being vegetarian some of the varieties are vegan and they are free from a whole load of nasties such as soy, fat, lactose etc. You can find out more on their website.

The Range consists of ‘The Smoothies’ – Cheery Cherries, Tropical Fruit, Strawberry & Cream and Koala Gummy Bears and ‘The Sours’ – Cola Breeze, Sour Mix & Match, Summer Peaches and Sour Fruit Salad.

So did I like them?

Cheery Cherries, Koala Gummy Bears and Cola Breeze are much like their alternatives, just healthier. Yum.

Sour Mix & Match I wasn’t so keen on but that’s just because they include grapefruit flavour and I don’t like grapefruit.

Sour Fruit Salad and Tropical were okay but not my favourites.

Strawberry & Cream were little nuggets of joy. The two flavours are separate in the pack so you can eat them alone or together.

My top tip would be the Summer Peaches – they were so delicious that it was hard to resist eating the whole packet in one go.

According to the promotional materials I was sent, the new flavours they have coming out are watermelon slices, raspberry lemonade and vegetarian marshmallows. I will definitely be buying these to try along with some of my favourites from above. I just need to find my nearest retailer.

(Also for Christmas my sister bought me some veggie percy pigs from M&S which also went down a treat.) IMG_1461

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