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G is for… Ghost Whisperer / Game of Thrones #AtoZChallenge

G is for… Ghost Whisperer / Game of Thrones

Ghost Whisperer

I loved Ghost Whisperer (2005 − 2010 – yes another one that’s over).

This series was about Melinda Gordon (Jennifer Love Hewitt) who has the ability to speak to ghosts. The whispering aspect is not about her vocal tone when she does this (although if other people are around sometimes she has to) but about the fact that her task is normally to help them cross over. So she helps solve murders, speaks to relatives and is a counsellor to the undead. She also cries a lot, whether happy or sad.

Another series that it would be tricky to limit the episodes I love, and as I’m writing this post late, I am going to talk about one double episode that made me sad cry like Melinda (Actually I wept buckets and didn’t look very attractive).


The final two episodes of Season 1 – Free Fall and The One revolve around a plane crash in her home town. Melinda has a lot of bodies to cross over and an evil spirit to contend with and I was oblivious!! (Trying not to be spoilery).

This is one of those series that generally episodes are self contained so you can feel like you get a whole story even if you are dipping in mid-series. But like any long lasting series worth its salt, it also builds on the stories of our main characters and often has an overarching series storyline. So I’m basically saying – if you like supernatural things watch them all.


Game of Thrones (2011 – current – yay) is an epic fantasy series based on the novels by George R. R. Martin (which are waiting on my Kindle to be read). I’ve just watched the first two episodes of season 3 tonight in fact (hence the lateness of this post).

Instead of talking episodes or scenes I’m going to talk about which characters I like best (to the extent that I often find myself wanting other scenes to be over, even though I’m enjoying them, so I can see these people).

Tyrion Lannister (The Imp) – seems to get the best lines and is one of the more likeable of this thread of the story – he slapped the evil Joffrey Baratheon for one thing (who is a nasty nasty piece of work).

Arya Stark – ends up doing a ‘Mulan’ to escape, cuts off her hair and pretends to be a boy. She is brave and cunning.

And my favourites throughout the whole of season one were Daenerys Targaryen and Khal Drogo. I loved how their relationship developed (was a little surprised to find out she is 13 in the book!!). The nicknames they have for each other are very romantic – Dany is called ‘moon of my life’ and Drogo ‘my sun and stars’. At the moment I’m rooting for Khaleesi Dany and her dragons to rule.

Video of the development of their romance via YouTube

Are you Ghost Whisperer or Game of Thrones fans?
What would you most like to see happen to Joffrey?

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