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Harry Potter Silliness

Harry Potter Silliness

Hi all, this is my fourth of a series of posts on my visit to ‘The Making of Harry Potter – Warner Brothers Studio Tour’ on 9th April 2012.

Just a short silly one today but I promise that tomorrow will be a proper tour review.

In the car on the way there my sister gave me ‘The Talk’. She said:

‘No embarrassment, when it is closing time we have to leave. You can’t live there.’

I was a grown up though and didn’t throw a tantrum – I think she was a little disappointed I behaved myself tbh.

As we neared the attraction and starting seeing the brown signs I said something along the lines of


When you need to go to the toilet at the Warner Brothers studio tour – you…


Image Expelliarmus Cutie by Whisperwings on devaint art.

(Yeah, yeah I know Expelliarmus is the disarming charm but it sounds like it fits, doesn’t it?)

Finally, I have a cuddly toy called Sultan that I’ve had since I was 1. He’s a ‘bit’ threadbare and a while back I made him a purple outfit to protect him a little. My friends initially joked that he had a smoking jacket but later that switched to Wizard robes. At one point I made him a Wizard hat but I couldn’t find it for the day of the visit. Knowing that him being there would make an entertaining picture I packed Sultan along with my wand. He had to come out for a sneaky photo op on the ministry set. I’m not embarrassed in this pic at all!!! But I know my friends will find it entertaining.

Sultan at the Ministry of Magic


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