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D is for… (#atozchallenge)

D is for…

Domestic Abuse


I recently sat in on a third year health students’ presentation about domestic abuse and in this they shared with their audience a number of resources that stayed with me and that I would like to share. Please be warned the video below may be distressing and is not suitable for young children and the poem had me in tears.


I Got Flowers Today (Poem)


This is a subject I have chosen to write about a couple of times myself in the past (not thankfully inspired by events in my life though I am aware of people I know having been in this situation). I share with you four pages from my poetry book.



Domestic Abuse is not always as obvious as the examples above or always to do with physical violence. Abuse can be emotional, sexual, financial, or related to social isolation. It’s not just women that it affects,  it can affect men too, and children, even if they aren’t the target, may be aware it is happening.


If you are in this situation I know it is not easy to leave but please seek support and try to tell one person that you trust. Don’t forget in an emergency situation to dial 999.


Some useful links may be:


Relate – the relationship people for relationship counselling

Samaritans for a listening ear and non-judgemental advice

Men’s Advice Line for men in abusive relationships

Refuge for women and children

And more can be found on the BBC Health Domestic Violence page.


Be safe and try to remember that nobody deserves to be abused.



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