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I is for… Incredible Hulk #AtoZChallenge

I is for… Incredible Hulk

Today’s letter was one of those tricky ones that I had to google to find something relevant. Go on – you can all now tell me about all the other Supernatural, Sci-Fi or Fantasy shows that start with I (I had to have seen it for the purposes of this challenge though).

Anyway this was the show that stood out. I do vaguely remember watching some of the original The Incredible Hulk TV series  but I can’t remember which episodes just that sometimes Bruce Banner got very angry, turned green, got semi naked with ripped shorts and threw cars around.

Looking up the show on imdb it says it ran from 1978 − 1982 (between the years myself and my sister were born) – I must have been watching re-runs. Because that’s all I can remember I’m going to use today’s post for a little bit of promotion of a good cause because you know what – cancer makes me angry.

Someone else that was born in 1978 is Shiv Meaker a schoolfriend of mine. Shiv – in her own words – ‘had a little tussle with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma last summer.’ When she lost her hair she started dressing up – including for chemo sessions leading to the nurses placing bets about what she would turn up as. Now free and clear, Shiv is going to be cycling for her charities. She also started taking dressing up requests for donations.

Here is her Incredible Hulk

And the one I requested Sparkly Edward Cullen (she ordered the red contacts especially)

Do check out the tumblr we convinced Shiv to set up to archive these fantastic faces (There’s even grumpy cat! And I’m looking forward to the archived ones I haven’t seen yet)

Or you can follow the Twitter hashtag #TheLadyofManyFaces

If you do feel entertained enough to send a donation then the hulk won’t have any need to get angry.
Cancer Research

Which is your favourite of Shiv’s faces?
What makes you angry?

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