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A response to The Urban Astronaut by @HighlySprung #bythesea16

We are choking off

Our air supply

Our freedom of…

Ripping up

Ripping out

Laying waste to even

The earth we walk on

Isolated from


Each other 

Can isolated effort be enough

If we each plant a seed

Tend to it

Protect it

From invasion 

Show others its importance 

To our health and happiness 

Dance to its beat 

And our own inner tune

Ignore government 

Telling us we’re British 

Not European

Take that giant leap

And shout

We’re humankind 

Kind humans 

Listening to

Living with 

Caring for

Each other

Our planet 

Urban astronauts 

Reportage by the Sea

Tomorrow, Saturday the 8th of October sees the return of Bournemouth Arts by the Sea. This week long festival has over 60 arts events suitable for a range of ages. On Saturday and Sunday Bournemouth Gardens will be full of colourful performances, most of which will be free to access. 

With a group of budding journalists I have attended two day-long master classes learning about writing reviews (including using creative formats), interviewing, pitching ideas, and what editors want and don’t want. Huge thanks to our speakers Michelle Madsen, Daisy Bowie-Sell and Mark Fisher, and of course to Matt West for organising the days and to Medi Bernard and the team at Bournemouth Central Library for the brilliant facilities and hospitality. 

Now comes the scary bit. I’m now part of the Reportage Team for the festival and I have a Press Pass!!!

As well as wondering round the gardens during the opening weekend here are a few of the events I’m planning to attend and review. 

Saturday, as the sun sets, Walk the Plank will be blazing a trail with the Sea of Freaks Torchlit Procession followed by Inferno, ‘a fireball spectacular’. 

One of the first films I remember seeing at the cinema is The Little Mermaid. On Monday night Sixty Million Postcards are having a ‘Sing and Shoutalong’ screening. Hopefully, unlike Arial, the audience will be in fine voice. 

Tuesday is documentary night at Shelley Theatre following backup singers who live ’20 Feet From Stardom’. 

The final event I can attend is on Friday night at Pavillion Dance. Games with the Water Horse by Jon Adams. This is a performance installation piece which will explore ‘consciousness, life story, art forms, and neuro-diverse thinking’. I’m really intrigued about this not really having attended similar events before. 

For the full festival line up check out the schedule on their website here

And follow the events write ups by the Reportage team here

What events are you most looking forward to? 

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