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Mr Dickens and His Carol by Samantha Silva – Book Review

Yes a book review on Christmas Day because it’s the perfect Christmas read and currently only 99p on kindle. Go forth and read this story now!

Mr Dickens and His Carol is described as a playful imagining based on the facts behind the writing of A Christmas Carol. Now I don’t know which facts are true and which are imagined – I can guess at some – but if you have the basic knowledge of A Christmas Carol you will love this.

Dickens is portrayed as an imperfect man. His latest book has flopped, he’s being forced to write a Christmas story he doesn’t want to write with very little time. Money is tight but demands are high and he’s irritable at life and his family.

The pressure of his enforced deadline and his previous success plays heavy on his mind and he finds a number of ways to escape, including spending time in the company of an actress called Eleanor.

This perfectly echoes the themes of A Christmas Carol whilst being a wholly original take on the story. I loved it.

Author Samantha Silva is a screenwriter and her skill at creating the inhabitants and the streets of London make this Debut Novel leap from the page. Maybe next Christmas we’ll be seeing it on screens.

With thanks to Allison and Busby for the review copy.

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