#42for22 – 2022 Reading Challenge

On the 22nd of December, what better day to share our 2022 reading challenge – hosted by Jay (@jkkenobi) Stacey (@svmitche) Catherine (@catrad) and me (@kirstyes). Yes, we are back for the 4th year. This time using the hashtag #42for22.

We’ve all gone for one word prompts which you can use to inspire your book choice in any way you choose. And we have used Michelle’s initials in memory of her – again to be used how you wish. Our entire challenge last year was dedicated to Michelle who passed away in 2020. We still miss you Mich.

As ever, if it is on Goodreads it counts.

If it is audio, e, paperback or hardback it counts.

If it’s a re-read or a new read it counts.

Ideally you’d pick one book per prompt but if you are short of time and still want to take part, if a book fits two or more prompts, pop it down.

If you find one book that fits all 42 prompts together we want to know what it is!

Here’s the challenge image made by Catherine.

And the spreadsheet can be downloaded from Dropbox here.

There are 9 days of the year left and I have two books left to read for our 2021 challenge #42forMich, and nine books left to read to hit my Goodreads challenge of 150 (this will be my lowest total since 2015!). I am actually part way through 9 books so the hopes is I get at least all of them all finished. Wish me reading luck.

I will aim to do a wrap up post and tell you briefly about my favourite books this year on the 31st (famous last words).

Hope everyone has read some awesome books this year and here is to reading some brilliant ones for this challenge next year.

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