Love And Other Things to Live For by Louise Leverett – Blog Tour Book Review


‘I don’t smoke, barely drink, have never experienced casual sex

so, this will be the tasting menu for new discoveries’

Meet Jess, an aspiring photographer living in London. With a newly broken heart, she’s facing a battle between the past and the future, choosing between having a life, or making a living – finding her feet or spreading her wings. Ultimately, she must ask herself: who is she really living for?

Bored of bottomless brunches and swiping right, Jess is looking for something a little more from London life. After quitting law school to pursue her dreams of becoming a photographer, Jess is determined to lap up every fresh experience the city has to offer, especially when it comes to love.

Yet Jess refuses to tackle this brave new world alone.
This is a book for everyone with a girl squad or in desperate need of one. This is about women coming together to tackle today’s world, taking the hand of those either side, saying the words loudly, together…rock my tribe.

About the Author

Louise Leverett graduated from Mountview Academy of Theatre Arts in London on a full scholarship, before moving on to study at the Lee Strasberg Institute of Film in New York. Since establishing her own business ‘Rock the Tribes’ she is now working on a collection of writings that will eventually be turned into adaptations for screen.

You can find her on the web at or @louiseleverett

Louise on writing Love And Other Things to Live For

What I Thought

This book wasn’t quite what I was expecting from the synopsis. There was slightly more romantic love in it. Now considering that is the largest word on the cover it shouldn’t really have shocked me. I guess as a single woman I was expecting an ode to being on your own and surrounded by good friends.

Instead this book is a much more nuanced look at the many varieties of love – friendship love, romantic love and most importantly self love. It’s about navigating and negotiating life and dreams. And this was what spoke most to me.

Friendship Love

“The collection of people whom you choose to ride the wave with: the truth-tellers, The heart-menders, my people to live for.”

Jess lives with Amber “life is a little less scary knowing she is on my side”.

Sean is “a jester in a cashmere cardigan” and a listening ear.

Marlowe “She is perfect and I am a mess.”

Jess picks up other friends on the way through her story. Sometimes we don’t see her best friends for a while but they are always there when needed and that’s what true friendship is about. We also get to find out about their lives and challenges too and even get some of the story from their points of view.

Romantic Love

“In a sexually charged game of cat and mouse, it can sometimes be hard to know when to stop running.”

Charlie is the man from her recent break up and he remains a presence in Jess’ life even though she meets and dates other men.

Self Love

“For the first time I wanted something that was within me.”

Jess has decided law is not her desired career path and that she wants to be a photographer but that’s not a job you can just walk straight into either.

This story is about working out and following dreams, the trials and tribulations of working in the creative industry, balancing your needs with the needs of a partner and having good friends around to help you put your jigsaws together. It is beautifully written and clever and definitely deserves a re-read with less expectations. Much like life deserves to be experienced rather than planned.

Love And Other Things to Live For was published on 18th April. I was gifted my copy for the purposes of an honest review.

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