Curse of the Nomed by B. B. Taylor – Blog Tour Book Review


Ancient Gods, a cursed Librarian and a battle to save their souls. How hard could the first day of school really be? Welcome to Nomed Academy! An epic adventure for three unsuspecting year seven students as they embark on their first day of school. One they will never forget. But can they really defeat an ancient Egyptian God with nothing but revenge on his mind?

All net profits from the sale of this book go to Partnership for Children, a mental health charity supporting the positive mental health of children.

Idea created by the ‘Whizz Writers’ of Four Dwellings School Birmingham as part of the ‘Look At Our Book’ Project by Wesleyan Financial Mutual Services to raise money for the Partnership For Children Charity

About the Author

Born in sunny Birmingham in the late 80’s I always wanted to write as a child, so as I grew and explored my love of working with animals and people I used all these experiences to create my first story and from there I was hooked! My Children and my animals are my main source of inspiration always giving me new ideas and stories to write. I studied as a Youth Worker and i’m also a qualified early years practitioner as well has having lots of random qualifications including in animals and sports 😉 My first book ever published is called Sox and Pals and is about my Raccoon Socrates, a very special raccoon that helps educate people all about animals and how to care for animals properly




What I Thought

I had flashbacks to reading The Demon Headmaster when I was little. This was a fun mash up with The Mummy vibes too.

The three lead characters Nora, Stefan and Jacob find out that missing assembly isn’t always a bad thing as they uncover a nefarious plot, find friends, and with the aid of the school librarian (who else) set about defeating the God Sett. Nora is reminiscent of Hermione and she is well and truly in control and although she is often referred to as weak that’s definitely not the case. Jacob has been misunderstood and is hoping for a fresh start whilst Stef has less of a back story. However the story is left open with the potential for more to come.

I believe children still study Ancient Egypt and Hieroglyphics at school and this book would be a great way to get them engaged at the start of a project. The book is just under 100 pages long so it’s a quick read too. Many of the chapters end with a mini cliffhanger so it’s one kids will want to read/hear all the way through in one sitting. The pace is fast and there’s a good mix of minor peril and humour.

The one little bugbear I had is the repeated use of the word crazy in a book that is supporting promotion of positive mental health as it’s been pointed out to me by mental health activists that the use of the word should be reconsidered. It’s a tricky one because calling someone ‘doing something not recommended’ crazy is so pervasive in our language. I’d love to hear some other suggestions of better ways to describe this.


It’s always tricky reviewing ARCs because you aren’t 100% sure what will make it into the finished copy. The author reached out to me to say they’d picked up the issue on edits and have changed it. See the tweets below. Thanks B.B.

And just a warning to parents that Santa Claus and the Tooth Fairy are rumoured to be false in this story! And Ofsted is mentioned – sure to give any teacher nightmares!

Don’t forget to check out the other stops on the tour to see what everyone else thought – and to purchase your copy to support the charity.

Thank you to Faye Rogers for organising the tour and for the electronic proof copy I received for the purposes of this honest review.

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