The Future is… Books! My Independent Bookshop

There’s a fun new website on the interwebs where you can create your own themed bookshop.

My Independent Bookshop allows you to create a mini bookshop of up to twelve books and you can link to your local independent bookshop (via Hive) so that when someone buys a book online based on your recommendation your local bricks and mortar bookshop benefits. I’ve chosen to link up with Gullivers Bookshop, a local family run bookshop that are supporting the HPA group I run with our Accio Books campaign.

Here’s the link to my Bookshop called The Future is… Books! which is celebrating my love of Dystopias/Science Fiction Futures.

Click on the books on the shelf and they open to reveal a mini review or suggestion of why I liked them. I’ve not added full reviews yet but I will. I’ve chosen seven books at the moment but have a few more on my reading list which I’m hoping to add. I’m only adding five star reads at the moment.

Here are a few other bookshops (by some twitter faves) that I’d recommend you take a look at:

Books Galore! (by blogger and Project UKYA organiser Lucy Powrie)

YA Yeah Yeah (by blogger and Countdown to 5th June organiser Jim Dean)

UKYA Books (by author Keris Stainton whose writing course I’m currently participating in)

James Dawson Books (by author James Dawson who is going to scare me soon with Say Her Name)


Have you created your own website yet? Share the link with me below.



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  1. I’ve seen snippets of info in tweets that had me wondering what this bookshop thing was about. Now I know. What a great idea. Thanks!

  2. What a brilliant idea! It is great to know that independent bookshops can be supported in this way, it is so important!

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