P is for… Point Pleasant #AtoZChallenge

P is for… Point Pleasant

Point Pleasant
Another one season wonder from 2005, and from the sticker on the DVD, one that was never fully shown on TV. Does this annoy anyone else? If the episodes are made at least put them on at a different time. Don’t people realise we get invested in stories?

In the town of Point Pleasant a young girl, Christina washes up on the beach and is taken in to someone’s home – she doesn’t want anyone to contact her family.

The symbol on the front is of 3 6s combined

The back cover tagline says:

She’s The Child of Darkness.
And She’s Under His Protection Now…

Who will win the battle between good and evil?

Actually now I come to think about it – the new trailer for the Beautiful Creatures film reminds me of this series.

Are there any series that you’ve never seen the end of because the network/channel pulled it too soon because of ratings?

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