M is for… Missing #AtoZChallenge

M is for… Missing Missing

Missing (or 1-800 Missing as it was known in the US) ran for three seasons 2003-2006

This is about Jess, a girl who, after being struck by lightning, begins having visions that link to missing people cases. After phoning into a tip line she is hired as a ‘consultant’ and is paired up with FBI Agent Brooke who helps interpret what Jess is seeing.

So the show itself isn’t really full on supernatural but Jess has a psychic power. It’s kind of like a young version of Medium.

Top 3 Episodes

Sea of Love – Season 2 Episode 1
A new series and a new partner
Jess trains to be an FBI agent – cue gun training scene at Quantico – and joins a new partner Nicole. Nicole is a lot more brash and out there than Brooke was, a rule breaker.

Lost Sister – Season 1 Episode 16
Jess goes undercover with cocky agent Jack Burgess to bust a drugs ring. They play lovers and might throw their own sexual tension into the ring. Jess’ s vision prove a little tricky at the bust though.

Basic Training – Season 1 Episode 14
This is my favourite episode and the one that I would select if I could only watch one episode again. Jess (not an agent at the time) goes undercover in a Military School to discover why cadets are going missing. Will Jess be a toilet toothbrush scrubber or one of the leaders. Thankfully the training at the academy in my book isn’t as gruelling as this.

This is based on a series of books by Meg Cabot (author of The Princess Diaries which I love) originally writing as Jenny Carroll (I believe they’ve been re-released under MC now). Has anybody read them? Worth a read?

And a quick nod to Merlin 2008-2012

I’ve only just starting watching this (I know late to the party) but I’ve enjoyed the episodes I’ve seen so far. No spoilers please.

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