L is for… Lost #AtoZChallenge

L is for… Lost

Six series (2004-2010) of supernatural – what on earth is happening – goings on. If you haven’t seen or heard about Lost then I reckon you might be stuck on that island somewhere.

The stand out episode has to be the opening one with the plane crash scene. I found a video where someone has mashed up the opening and ending – great parallels/echoes. It doesn’t fully spoil but probably best not to watch unless you’ve seen it.

And a quick nod to The Little Vampire

The 1986 German series which I must have seen dubbed as a kid. Just found it available on amazon for over £50 for 13 episodes. I would like to see it again but not quite that badly.

Sponsored Amazon Associates link – doubt you’d buy it at this price!!

What TV series from your childhood have you re-discovered and how much did it cost you to do so?

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  1. The last season of Lost both sucked and blew AT THE SAME TIME! Shame, as up to then it was quite good…

  2. I haven’t watched all of Lost, but I can totally agree that that first episode was amazing.

    I have only ever seen season 1!

    • I think that was probably the best season if I’m honest. I ended up ‘losing’ time during the shorter ‘writer’s strike’ season and didn’t watch the end for ages after.

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