E is for… Eureka #AtoZChallenge

E is for… Eureka

Known in the UK as A Town Called Eureka this started in 2006 and has five seasons (and I believe it has been cancelled now). I am currently still watching this show and am at the beginning of the fourth season (watched from the pilot though I originally saw the first two seasons years ago). Annoyingly my sky box seemed to glitch and I have missed one of the episodes which always frustrates me.

A brief outline of the show is that US Marshal Jack Carter comes to Eureka with his daughter Zoe to investigate a death. He ends up staying on and becoming Sheriff (obviously, there would be no show otherwise) and has to deal with all the sci-fi mishaps created by this town full of genius (and often mad) scientists.

Just a couple of stand out episodes today (I don’t think I’ve watched it enough times to pick out tons though I’ve enjoyed each one).

H.O.U.S.E Rules – Season 1 Episode 11
When Jack considers leaving his house S.A.R.A.H (thanks to imdb for telling me this stands for Self Activated Residential Automated Habitat) decides otherwise. Not letting you go Jack. This show definitely has a knack of warning us about an over-reliance on technology (*cough* should listen *cough*).

Phoenix Rising – Season 2 Episode 1
I like this because it has an Occupational Therapist mentioned in it. It’s a pity they get spontaneously human combusted before the credits though!

A picture from my tumblr blog of the little OT pile of ash

And a quick nod to Eerie Indiana

Eerie Indiana

This only got one season between 1991 and 1992.
I strongly remember an episode where a set of twins were kept in Tupperware – this was actually the first episode called Foreverwhere. A lot of the episodes were equally as random, often fun but definitely eerie.

Are you a fan of either of these shows?
What potential scientific discovery would you like to see? What one scares you most?

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  1. I’ve heard of Eureka, even seen some trailers for episodes. I never got around to watching it though. This seems to be the story of my life: people talking about TV shows that I haven’t watched. Maybe one day… 🙂

    • I wouldn’t worry Colin – I have mountains of TV shows I have ‘taped’ and still not watched. There aren’t enough hours in the day to watch everything I want to and read all the books!!

  2. Ooh, 2 E posts. Cool! So I know nothing about Eureka the show, but I will say, ‘eureka’ is the word a speech therapist told me to use with my daughter to help her say her letter ‘R’ and it worked! Must be a good word. 🙂

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