C is for… Charmed #AtoZChallenge

C is for… Charmed


Charmed is the story of three sister witches who discover a Book of Shadows in their attic and unleash their witchy powers. This got eight seasons from 1998-2006. Why are all my favourite series so far over :0( Thank goodness for DVDs.

CharmedP3 is the username I use for NaNoWriMo and Camp NaNo, after the club that Piper owns later in the series.

My top five (well six) episodes from Charmed are:

Something Wicca This Way Comes – Season 1 Episode 1/Forever Charmed – Season 8 Episode 22
For me this series has a great opening to hook and a great ending to satisfy.

Once Upon a Time – Season 3 Episode 3
I love this episode where the sisters are ‘childified’ by fairy dust and where they are scared of the ‘tween time’ and ‘tween’ spaces between doors (the quality of this clip isn’t great but it gives you the gist).

Witches in Tights – Season 5 Episode 5
A kid whose drawings come true makes the Charmed Ones Superheroes – Piper is not particularly amused by the costume.

Chris-Crossed – Season 6 Episode 10
Chris goes back to the future and we learn who is really is. I like the Halliwell mansion as museum idea.

Give Me A Sign – Season 2 Episode 15
Bane Jessop played by Antonio Sabato Jr returns to kidnap Prue and she has a horrible time looking at his gorgeousness.

If I was ever brave enough to get a tattoo I would quite like one of the triquetra from the Book of Shadows.

The girls have different powers – which one would you prefer, telekinesis, freezing time/blowing things up or premonitions? For me and my laziness it would have to be telekinesis.

And a quick nod to Carnivalé

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  1. I never watched the show when it was on, but I have seen them all (I think) on TNT. I’m not sure why I started watching, but I have to admit, I got hooked and DVR’d them in their 2 hour blocks so I didn’t mess an episode. Don’t tell anyone though, they will revoke my man card.

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