Happy Geek Girl Launch Day Holly

Huge congratulations to Holly Smale on the launch of Geek Girl today. Not only was I lucky enough to interview Holly for the blog but I was invited to meet her at a book bloggers’ party last Sunday.

Holly and her team from HarperCollins were wonderful and made us all feel very welcome into the weird alien lightbulb cocoon basement at The Book Club bar in London.


Weird Alien lightbulb ceiling

We were fed mini macaroons and cupcakes and given goodie bags including a lovely fresh copy of Geek Girl which Holly kindly signed for us all (with my Sharpie – note to Holly’s team – get the girl a multicolour pack of Sharpies – she will love you for it).


The goodie bag contents – love the hanger paperclip, the badges and the shiny copy of Geek Girl.


Yes I will most definitely Geek On! I can’t do anything else, it’s who I am.

There was a bit of a chair malfunction when Holly sat to talk to us about the origins of Geek Girl (as well us telling us which countries Harriet will visit in the sequels).


Where’s Holly gone? (Otherwise known as I think the cushion’s a bit soft!)

As a writer and aspiring published author it was great to hear Holly’s passion for her story and for her characters.

Holly was a bit of a maverick when securing her agent but sensibly she told us to make sure we have written the whole book before sending it out. I also loved that she told me to write the story I want to. I just have to hope mine sells too.

I have started a bolt.it collection for Holly’s blog tour posts which you can find here.

Photo taken of Holly and us all just before we had to say goodbye

Photo taken of Holly and us all just before we had to say goodbye

And to start the day my mate Jay and I took a geeky trip to Platform 9 3/4!


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