Getting LinkedIn

My previous post on Facebook probably demonstrated that there is plenty of opportunity to network with Occupational Therapists (and Writers for me) there. So why did I also join LinkedIn?

I did try LinkedIn a while back after receiving an invite from someone but soon deleted my account because there was no one there to talk to (sounds a bit like my issue with Google + [when it first started, I think it’s better now]).

LinkedIn is very much a professional networking site and because of some concerns over Facebook and social media in general some people just don’t have those types of social media accounts, or keep them very personal – not mixing business and pleasure as the saying goes. So earlier this year when I got involved in setting up a new network I joined LinkedIn to connect with the other members in the group.

LinkedIn is very much a personal CV site for you to note your qualifications, employment and achievements. You can add project work too and there is the function to add microblogging comments/status updates but I haven’t really used that too much yet. I envision using it more to update on major work related topics. I would think it would be a useful online presence to direct future employers to or to find people to collaborate from or who you’d like to learn from.

I recently went to a presentation by an academic who keeps in touch with graduates from his course, not only is he able to keep up with their careers, this provides a positive platform to current students to locate potential placement opportunities.

For those of who more familiar with LinkedIn – how do you use it?

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  1. My boyfriend has a LinkedIn account and he says it is fantastic. We are currently students but he said he has made a lot of connections in the computing industry (that he plans to go into after uni) however, being an English student with a hazy plan of what I want to do after uni I’m not sure it could benefit me? I’m confused quite easily by new networking sites so I’m not sure I would be able to use it to its full potential. Is it straight forward?

    • Hi Hannah – sorry for the delay in responding I was away. It is pretty easy to use (similar to any social networking site really).
      Thanks for the comments – very helpful.

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