H is for… (#AtoZChallenge 2012)

H is for Hand-to-Hand Combat

(Post 8 on my WIP)

Everyone needs to know how to protect themselves and the trainees of the time police academy are no different.
Sergeants Loughlin Hall and Diana Knott are responsible for developing the trainees’ fitness and physical skills, putting them through a gruelling circuits test (which most of them fail on their first attempt) and teaching them specific techniques to use in hand-to-hand combat or to deal with grabs or attacks with hand held weapons when they themselves are unarmed.

The two trainers aptly demonstrate that size isn’t everything and that everyone can use these techniques with success.


I have selected Dwayne Johnson to represent the ‘built like a brick shit house’ – well over 6’ Loughlin and Kristin Bell, at 5’1” as the petite Diana – and believe me she doesn’t need that gun to be scary. She was closely involved in investigating the serial killing case involving Angela. Working undercover as a ‘homeless teen’ she became extremely close to the killer’s third victim.
The trainees complain of having to practice these techniques so frequently but I know from clinical practice that it is so easy to forget them if you aren’t using them regularly. They are told in no uncertain terms by Diana, ‘You use it or you lose your life.’ She wishes that she had taught her friend these skills and plays the ‘what if’ game far too often.

On a side note I remember having ‘Personal Safety’ lessons at school with Phil Norman of UK Gladiators fame (Yes, really) where we learnt some useful breakaway and ‘floor’ techniques, some of which I vaguely recollect, such as carrying your keys between your fingers, using a personal alarm and as soon as you can running as far away as possible.
Of course in some situations using de-escalation strategies would be just as important – they are taught these in Communications by Sergeant Graham Brand who I’ve decided could be played by Martin Freeman.











Now hands up who wants to be first to tackle Loughlin or Diana?

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