The Versatile Blogger Award

I was awarded this a little while back by Suzie Tullett – sorry that I’m only just getting around to it.

The ‘rules’ for this one seem to be:

  1. Tell you all seven random things about myself that I’ve never mentioned before (now with my memory who knows if I will have them noted on the blog anywhere else)
  2. Nominate 15 bloggers for the award (and on it goes).



Here are my 7 random ‘facts’ – looks like I’m going musical with lots of them because I don’t think I’ve spoken too much about that topic.

  1. The first record (yes record, not cassette, or CD or MP3 – this makes me feel old!) I think I remember owning was a single by Curiosity Killed the Cat – I think it was Hang on in There Baby (1992 when I was 14)
  2. I’m pretty sure my first album(s) may have been Michael Bolton’s – I had to buy a greatest hits CD not too long ago because I remember loving listening along to songs like Time, Love and Tenderness. I’d quite like to see him in concert at some point.
  3. Still on the record theme – my sister and I always use to dance round the lounge to Mum’s – Hey Mickey single. I loved that they use it in the end credits of the film Bring It On.
  4. I have mentioned that I would love to learn to play the guitar before but I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned that I can’t actually read music. Do you think that might cause another barrier to the success of this task?
  5. I worked in the library at school and seem to recall having fun stamping books out.
  6. Also at school I refused to take part in using a Ouija board. I am fairly superstitious and get scared by that sort of thing even though it fascinates me.
  7. On a similar note I opted out of a school trip because of stories people had told me about the place we planned to go being haunted. Instead I remember taking part in poetry classes back at school and one or two of my poems were published in the school anthology (which I have a copy of somewhere). The poem I remember was a 10 happy schoolgirls one and the one line was ‘Eight happy schoolgirls had a fight with Bevan, one got beaten up and then there were seven’. Oddly they actually published this despite the Bevan in question being a boy in our class. Censorship obviously wasn’t so hot an issue back then.

That’s me – hope you had fun reading about my randomness ;o)

And here are my 15 Nominations (I’ve got to include my Besties because I feel I’ve learnt so much extra about them through their blogs). Please only post in response like this if you want to. Plus it may be that you’ve already received the award in which case just point me in the direction of your completed post rather than feeling like you need to write another (unless, of course, you’d like to).

  1. Stacey at It Takes a Woman (Bestie)
  2. Michelle at Old Fashioned Mummy (Bestie)
  3. Cath at Craftylittleblogger (Bestie)
  4. Jay at Jay’s Insight (Bestie)
  5. Veronica at Veronica Roth (Now I know Veronica is a properly published author but I really enjoy the variety in her blog posts)
  6. Laura at Laura Jane Cassidy (Another properly published author who writes not just about writing)
  7. Nicola at Help! I Need a Publisher! (I feel I’ve learnt so much by reading Nicola’s blog)
  8. Suzie at Suzie Tullett (right back at ya – Is there a versatile tweeter award too ;o) )
  9. Patsy at Patsy Collins (Patsy has just had a novel published – congrats)
  10. Catherine at Catherine, Caffeinated (I’m receiving Catherine’s pearls of wisdom in my inbox now)
  11. Claire at Claireot’s Blog (Claire is a fellow OT and writes about all manner of interesting things relating to Occupation, Healthcare and Social Media)
  12. Sally at Quiller’s Place (She has a writing shed so deserves much respect)
  13. Becca at My Little Notepad (She calls her posts Ramblings but I call them long gems – check out her writing podcast at In the Wishing Chair too)
  14. Vicky at vickywithawhy (I find myself nodding away at her posts on a regular basis)
  15. Emma at (My most recent find via Nicola’s blog – a YA author who writes about anything and everything)

There are many more blogs that I read and enjoy and I hope no-one feels left out but after breaking the rules on my Lucky 7 Meme I thought I’d follow them here.

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  1. Thanks for nominating me! I have done this already ( ) As I was looking for it I realised how random my whole blog is!

    You feel old? I danced to Hey Mickey too – but it wasn’t my mum’s record, it was mine.

  2. Yay. 😀

    Re: point number 4: Guitars can use tab sheets instead of music sheets, visually they’re a lot easier to read. I can’t understand a music sheet for the life of me, but I can sort-of-grasp tabs (I just can’t get my hands to make the right shapes).

    Ouija boards are so creepy! I’ve refused to take part in them a few times too, but I’m very very curious about them.

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