Comments on my pitch gratefully received

I sent in a short pitch of my WIP to Nicola Morgan at Help! I Need a Publisher!

It’s up on her blog today, along with two other YA pitches, and I’m sure all three of us would be very grateful for your constructive feedback. The comments so far have already picked on my undue fascination with commas so maybe I should send out a call – Help, I Need an Editor!

I’d already shared this with another pitcher Debby and she gave me some very helpful pointers. Thanks Debby. It’s always good to hear a range of opinions though.

Luckily I won Nicola’s ‘Write a Great Synopsis‘ (sponsored Amazon Associates link to the Kindle book) competition for a full synopsis critique and your comments will help me develop this short pitch into a longer synopsis to send for some Crabbit advice. I will of course be having another full read through of Nicola’s wonderful e-book too – I highly recommend it.

And by a wonderful coincidence or divine intervention – Nicola did have an e-mail addressed ‘Dear God’ this morning ;o) – the rest of my prize arrived today too. Huge thanks to Nicola for giving me the spider warning for Chapter 5 – I will make myself a calming cup of camomile in my new mug before tackling that one.

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  1. I love how things like these help me to find other excellent writers across the UK. 🙂

    And uuuurgh, spiders. *shudder*

    • Thanks for your helpful comments on my pitch and the link to Tempest – sounds really interesting – I may have to get a copy.
      When I read in Nicola’s blurb about the spiders I did ask her for a heads up and love that she put it in my dedication.

  2. Hello Kirstyes,

    You are number 268 on my blog hopping through the Eights journey . You can check out my post about it @

    Just dropped by to say good luck on the A to Z Challenge. Congrats on your positive pitch!

    • Wow – trying to view all the blogs is impressive. Sadly I haven’t got organised for the A-Z challenge yet (apart from scheduling my currently blank posts – better get a rift on).

  3. Hey Kirsty,
    If you need an editor, I’ve done a course in proofreading and copy-editing!
    Just thought to let you know =)

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