Is that February Sun Shining?

Well actually in Bournemouth it was yesterday – see!

But to further brighten my February Michelle over at Old Fashioned Mummy has tagged me in the “Sunshine Award”.

Firstly I have to say that some of my sunshine disappeared when I lost most of the first version of this blog post just as I was about to press send because WordPress and/or Firefox had a funny five minutes. Needless to say I am writing this offline this time.

I started off by apologising for being rubbish at picking just one favourite but then saying that as this is all about sunshine that I’d decided this was ok. I’m sure I will have missed lots of witty things from the first draft out of the answers below.

Favourite colour: Like my mate Michelle I would pick Purple (with Black being a close runner up and I’m quite liking earthy green and brown colours). It all depends on what the colour is for. For example in my new bathroom I went for a row of black tiles (not purple) and black bathmat and handtowel. I have brown bedding, walls, sofas etc. and like natural wood furniture. When I’m not wearing black clothes I do like green. But purple notebooks, really useful boxes, staplers, straws etc.

Favourite animal: Dolphins make me smile and I’d love to swim with them up close someday (as long as it’s not harmful to them)

Favourite non-alcoholic drink: In terms of quantity drunk, Cherries and Berries squash but I also love a good cuppa (decaff English Breakfast or more recently Chai) or Galaxy Hot Chocolate.

Facebook or twitter: As discussed in a recent post Twitter just pips Facebook but only just.

Favourite Number: Hmmm, I guess 7 because it is meant to be lucky and there are 7 days in a week so we routinely count up to 7!!! Clutching at straws now. I think 7 kids might be a bit excessive though.

Favourite day of the week: Now I (mostly) don’t work them, Fridays, because they are the start of my weekend.

My passion: Writing (hoping the sunshine brings me more energy to do this creatively though blogging and scribbling on social media work fairly well too). You may have noticed also that I’m pretty passionate about my profession of Occupational Therapy so I’m hoping that combining the two passions for my PhD is a sensible idea, right?

Getting or giving presents: I like both almost equally though sometimes find getting presents tricky, especially when a price limit is set. I’m terrible too at liking what I am buying people and wanting to buy a version for myself too and then feeling guilty as if that devalues their gift.

I really love seeing someone happy when they open their gift. My favourite presents that I have given were the dreamcatchers I hand made. I still have mine and am really happy that my friends have theirs too.

Favourite patterns: Michelle’s answer of frost patterns is perfect and one of my favourite 366 Photos is one of a lightning shaped pattern in the frost. Oddly, because of my ever-worsening spider phobia, I also quite like some cobweb patterns, especially when covered in dew and absent of spiders or entangled fly dinners.

Favourite flowers: Purple ones. I like Purple Gerbera Daises.

I could do with some February sunshine to chase away my grumps so if you read this and you fancy bring some sunshine to your February please feel free to join in and come back and tell me that you have.



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  1. Purple is one of my favourite colours, too. Would have to think a bit though in order to answer the others…

    Anways, as well as being tagged in the Sunshine Award, I thought you might like to know I’ve included you in my list of recipients for the Versatile Blogger Award x

    • Hi Suzie

      There’s a few of us purple addicts out there. Thanks for the VBA – will take me a bit of time to get to do my post but I will and I’ll let you know when. Thanks again.

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