Listography – Top 5 Websites

This week’s listography is to look at my Top 5 commonly used websites. Now I am going to consider use of mobile apps for websites as if I was using the websites if that is OK because I access them much more frequently.

Now Kate has suggested the ones in your Google Homepage etc so I’m going to ignore Google itself (but I use that lots too usually as a toolbar rather than the website though). I’m also going to ignore my work websites for the purposes of this because that is far too depressing. So here goes – the 5 websites I actively and commonly use are (very me centred – sorry):

1. Twitter

As you can see from my post count I like to tweet a lot and I manage a number of accounts but this is my main one. I would probably spend a lot longer on here if I didn’t have to go to work.

I tweet lots with my circle of friends which is a great way to keep in touch when we can’t see each each face to face. I also tweet with occupational therapists and writers as well as lots of other interesting folk. I try to participate in the Occupational Therapy/Occupational Science specific tweetchats every Tuesday (alternating between #OTalk and #occhat), tweet from conferences, retweet random fun things, use twitter to link people to my blogs, etc.

2. Facebook

I use this just as much as Twitter (Twitter squeezed in at number one because of the hour chats whereas Facebook can be checked quicker – I usually just flick endlessly between the two).

I moved over to Timeline voluntarily a while ago before we are all forced to and I have to say I quite like it although there are some features I probably won’t use. There are lots of OT related groups (the 4OT ‘Suite’) that I participate in as well as catching up with lots of people from all walks of my life including those I only ‘know’ online.

I do try and ensure my privacy settings are set to just friends but I do have a page for me a writer for when I become all published and famous!!

3. Tumblr dashboard

This year I have taken on the challenge of taking a photo a day and writing a small stone (mindful reflection) and decided to set up a Tumblr blog to a) try another platform and b) not annoy regular followers here that might not want 2 daily posts from me. I’ve found a few random Tumblr blogs I now follow and reblog some of their things – mainly Harry Potter related.

4. IMDB (The Internet Movie Database)

I use this on almost a daily basis I think. I’m a huge TV and film fan and use it to find out the name of films, titles of episodes of TV series I watch, etc. etc. Here is the homepage for the film I am most looking forward to this year after reading the books over Christmas. I also found out a useful tip from a mummy friend that I will be using when I have kids  – a parent’s guide that warns you about things like Santa’s secret being revealed or in the case of The Hunger Games that a boy and girl sleep in a sleeping bag together (and that there are lots of violent deaths!!).




5. – WordPress dashboard

This is what is behind the scenes here – here is a screenshot of this very post being written in fact. I’m not actually on here as much as sometimes I’d like – I often have spates of blogging frequently (usually when I have time to schedule posts) but try to participate in #SilentSunday – a weekly picture with no writing, these Listographies (when I can cope with just 5 options and have the time), and I’m going to be posting during April for the A-Z challenge. I also have a couple of private wordpress blogs that I plan to use for professional and PhD related reflection.

Looking forward to checking out other people’s top 5 and maybe finding some new websites to waste my time on, I mean explore. I’m afraid that there probably isn’t anything new for you here.

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  1. Great list. As a total Twitter addict and a wordpress blogger, those both featured in my list too! 🙂

  2. I had never heard of IMDb until this listography – lots of mentions – must be good!

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