COT Conference 2011 (#cot2011) – Brighton

COT Conference 2011 (#cot2011) – Brighton

Yes people it’s that time of year again. I went to my first COT annual conference last year and thoroughly enjoyed it. I presented a seminar on CPD and e-portfolios.

This year I am presenting a facilitated poster discussion (session 46) and in a session on creative occupations (session 53) both on elements of my early PhD literature research (I am currently suffering from severe information overload).

For your tweeting pleasure I present below a list of the sessions I am attending.

Day/Time Session No and Title
Wed (10.00-11.00) Opening Plenary – Occupation, evidence and outcomes
Wed (12.45-14.25) Session 7 – Life Stories: use of the Kawa model in a role-emerging setting
Wed (15.00-15.45) Session 35 – Tribalism or collectivism: debating generic vs specialist OT and what this means
Wed (15.40-16.40) Session 46 – My poster discussion – Occupational therapy in practice session
Wed (-18.00) BAOT/COT Annual General Meeting
Wed (18.00-18.45) Twitter Meet up
Thu (8.30-10.00) Session 53 – Creative Occupations (Me)
Thu (10.40-12.20) Session 77- Movies that matter: films as learning activities to engage student’s ethical reflexivity
Thu (12.30-13.30) Kawa Pebble beach meet up
Thu (13.55-15.10) Plenary – Elizabeth Casson Memorial Lecture by Prof Anne Turner
Thu (16.00-16.45) Session 106 – Occupational Therapy Education: an appalling paradox
Thu (16.50-17.35) Session 114 – Responding to reviewer’s comments: the final hurdle of peer review
Fri (9.00-10.40) Session 122 – New Ways of thinking
Fri (11.20-13.00) Session 144 – Occupation and Older People
Fri (13.00-13.40) Final plenary – Occupational Therapy saved my life

Here’s a link to the Conference programme for more information and to the COT’s annual conference page where there is even more detail of the sessions.

Now, I am going to try and live tweet during the sessions that aren’t too interactive and where I’m not presenting but we have a slight problem. The Brighton Centre doesn’t supply free wifi (I was spoilt at the UDMH conference as Bournemouth Uni has free wifi across both campuses) so I won’t be able to use my iPad to tweet (quick and easy) and will instead have to use my phone (currently slowish and with poor battery that gets eaten up by connecting to 3G). Now COT did kindly find out arrangements for purchasing wifi access but the cost is prohibitive as I am pretty sure I’ll need over 4 hours access across the 3 days (£9.99) and 24 hours access is £39.99 – eek. My hotel also has a similar pricing structure so you may have to wait until the evenings for some key points tweets as I did last year with some more substantial blog posts when I get back to wifi.

Now it’s late and I still need to read through my presentation in a dry run and pack.

Please take a look at the sessions I’m attending and if there is anything specific you’d like me to listen out for/ask add a comment below.

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