L is for… (#atozchallenge)

L is for…

Laughter and Tears

They say laughter is the best medicine and I would agree that it can do you the world of good.
Only recently I had one of those moments where something happens that cracks you up so much that you just cannot stop laughing and it hurts so much but feels so good afterwards.

Please see this link for what triggered it. You can hear the start of my sister’s laughing, it was only when I saw the video that I got why, I thought both eyes were doing it.

Maybe you had to be there and have my sister making it worse by also being in hysterics. Mind you her boyfriend was there, couldn’t see what was so funny and left us to it, backing away hastily.

What is it that makes things funny for you?

Laughing Donkey

I think, however, that the power of tears is severely underestimated. Seriously girls and guys, it is ok to cry. I’m the first to admit that maybe I do it a little too often and, for me, it appears to be my stock approach to feeling sad, feeling angry, feeling overtired and I also cry with laughter. But crying is surely not worse than bottling your emotions up (before you say it guys who know me, yes there have been a number of occasions when I wish I could have waited to cry in a more private . When I was in practice I began to see an increasing number of clients with somatization. This is where psychological symptoms can manifest as physical problems and pains (see link for fuller explanation). This is an area that really interests me and I hope to look into it more in future.

The Eye of Eliza

I know myself that there are times when I’ve thought, ‘I’ve not had a good cry in a while’ and I will resort to a good weepy movie otherwise I will feel in a funk until I’ve had that emotional release.

Do you feel the need to cry or are you a stiff upper lipper?

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  1. I’m generally a stiff upper lipped, but usually that gets me in a strop, so if I do need to cry I generally take myself off somewhere, except when at a weepy movie, then I don’t care!! There’s nothing quite like laughing til your sides split!!

  2. You’ve just made me think. Lots.
    I think I cry more readily now that I used to when I was younger, but for quite different reasons. I used to get cross and upset easily, which would lead to often uncontrollable sobbing fits. However, since the birth of my son this doesn’t happen much now. Maturing finally I guess! Instead, my tears are now more usually prompted by external things, like news stories (I try to avoid stuff I know will affect me, the Baby P stories from a few years back for example. My husband has also been known to remove pages from a newspaper to protect me from animal /child cruelty stories). I also find myself welling up at the lyrics to certain songs. One in particular, called ‘mamas arms’ is about the songwriter losing his mum in his early teens, and how all he wants is mamas arms. I had the cd years ago, listened to it without a problem. But the first time I heard it post-childbirth I sobbed and sobbed all the way through it. There are tears in my eyes now just at the memory of the song! So I guess my head has gone through a lot of changes in the last 5 years, resulting in the ability to control internal emotion better (and I do feel it’s controlled now, not bottled up), but allowing a complete breakdown at external things, usually related to death, especially of or around kids. I guess maybe it’s just a reaction to my own greatest fear of losing my own son.
    Woo, long comment. Don’t want to leave on a downer tho, so will just add that there is *nothing* better than crying with laughter. And I will just say the words: talking Carl. 😉

    • Ah yes, talking Carl. Think I will give him a visit tomorrow.
      Sorry to make you sad, we will find some laughter inducing topics for next Friday.
      Glad it was thought provoking for you.
      I have to say I try to avoid news stories as they frustrate me too much. I remember you being very sad over the MM disappearance.
      In conclusion though what you are saying is that when I have children I may mature and also turn into an emotional wreck at the same time ;0)

  3. “turn into”? 😉

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