New Features

I have just added a couple of new features to my blog that I have been finding useful on other peoples.

You can now share any blog posts you find interesting with your social networks by clicking on this button Shareat the bottom of any post – it then gives you options to share to facebook, twitter, via e-mail, etc. (Plugin – Share-Widget).

You can also subscribe to receive follow up comments to blog posts (and pages) via e-mail by ticking the box at the bottom of the comments box – you can also subscribe without commenting if you wish (just open up the comments box at the top of the post to find the tick box (Plugin – Subscribe to Comments).

Liquid LinksI’ve been updating and adding to my links – if you scroll down the page you’ll find links relating to Writing, Occupational Therapy etc and a few of my friends. I will be continuing to add to this. Hope you find them useful.


You’ll also find links in the side bar to join me on Twitter, Goodreads, or to subscribe in a Reader (RSS feeds) via the Feedburner chicklet.


Oh Yes I’ve also got a favicon for the site now so you should see the white ink blots on black in your browser address bar.

And if you’ve got an iPad you’ll see the site using the Onswipe theme which I think is rather funky.


(If you are a WordPress user here are a few other plugins I use that I find quite helpful:

Insights – Allows you to search your own blog, or the web for content, images, video, Wikipedia, Google etc to embed in your post.

WP-Touch – I’m guessing iPhones don’t use Onswipe yet so this is a simplified theme for phone browsers.

WP -> Twitter allows you to send each new post to Twitter directly – you can customise the message or select posts that you don’t want to send.

Multipage Toolkit – I’ve used this at my other blog more but it allows you to split a page into multipages which users navigate with arrows or a drop down box to jump to the numbered page they want. Useful for pages with lots of content.

Theme my login – allows you to add a widget to your site so that you can login via the page your visitors see rather than the WP admin page.

Hope you find trying some of the above helpful for your blog needs)

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  1. Thanks! Some good tricks to pinch there ;0)

  2. I love your site and as I browsed your blog I decided to award you the Creative Blog Award.
    Go to and pick up your award.

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