H is for… (#atozchallenge)

H is for…

Harry Potter

Who guessed right yesterday? Hats and Hobnail boots indeed Mrs. Donald!

In this post there is one spoiler from Book 6/Film 6 and one from Book 7/Film 7.1 about deaths in the story, if you haven’t seen/read these and don’t want to know you may wish to look away. This post is also a bit random as I try to get across my unadulterated love of Harry Potter. Beware also lots of pics so this may take a while to load (sorry)but hey I’ll have got it all off my chest.

Here is my Goodreads review of the Harry Potter series (which I found with a pic of all the books in a luggage case).

Now sadly I don’t actually have this set but I do have plenty of Harry Potter related goodies so I’ll cope.

I love these books. I only actually got into them just as Book 4 came out. I remember phoning (yes, phoning) The Book People to order the Books 1-3 boxset I had seen in their magazine and the lady on the phone asked me if I wanted to order Book 4 too. I did. I have to say that it did take me a chapter or two to get into the first book (I’m sure I’d read somewhere else to persevere). Not that it was a struggle just that it didn’t immediately capture me, I guess not until the magic started. Once I was in I was hooked. J.K. Rowling has created a world so detailed that I now return to it time and time again. I can’t wait to read all the books and watch all of the films before the final film instalment is released 15th July 2011.

Books 5 and 6 I ordered the Bloomsbury editions from Amazon and got them on day of release (having to restrain myself from hugging the postman who seemed generally happy that everyone was happy to be receiving their post that morning, or afternoon).

For the last book I decided I couldn’t wait until the afternoon and that I wanted to queue outside my local Waterstones to buy the book at midnight. It really added to the atmosphere surrounding the last book and the close of the series, there were two girls who played the theme tune and people dressed up. I got the book home and by 1am I was reading it and I stayed up until I read it (no one was going to spoil it for me – just as I won’t give any spoilers here). I finished the book having cried a few times over at about 12.15. I then had the quickest shower ever because I had my sister’s friends wedding to attend (We’d bought her a copy of HP7 the night before as a wedding gift). I made it, swaying with tiredness, through the service but sadly had to give in on going to the evening do to get some sleep (sorry Stacey).

I have all the audiobooks too (love Stephen Fry) and The Tales of Beadle the Bard. I have the UK Children’s cover editions (which imho are the best). It really annoys me that they changed the title of the Philosopher’s Stone to the Sorcerer’s Stone.

I can’t pick a favourite and I deliberately haven’t done separate reviews as they all meld into one fantastic whole.

I would strongly recommend these, I will be reading to my children (when I have some).

OK now let the random Harry Potter crazy geeky fan ness begin.

Here are the pictures of the launch of book 7 at my local Waterstones (apologies for the quality).

I have been sorted into Gryffindor at least twice (once Realistically ;o))

On J.K Rowling’s website I took the WOMBATs Grades 2 and 3 and got Outstanding in both (I missed Grade 1)







I don’t normally collect stamps but I will when they are Harry Potter related.

I have ‘a few’ items from the Harry Potter Noble Collection. Rather than add photos you can link to the site and I’ll just tell you here. My first purchases were Harry and Hermione’s wands in their Ollivander’s cases and also the Lightning Bolt stands. I was thrilled to get the House Crest Keychain free with my order (and I use this for my keys). I also have The Marauder’s Map in its display case (on which I still haven’t found Dumbledore’s office – I would get hopelessly lost in Hogwarts unless I had this map), The Time Turner in its box, The Phoenix Pendant (I allowed myself this as BAOT my professional body also have the Phoenix rising from the flames in its logo) and the Gryffindor Sword Letter Opener (this has been used a fair bit too). The American Noble Collection is different and I do like Hermione’s necklace but I must stop.

My sister offered to buy me The Monster Book of Monsters secret book with strokeable spine but that’s a kid’s toy so I said no. Just been Googling to find a picture of this and there are some really tacky versions of this available, I can’t remember what this version looked like.

I have all of the DVDs so far including the special Death Eater mask one for Order of the Phoenix and the first part of the Deathly Hallows I believe is coming to my in the BluRay/DVD/Digital edition pack next week. I have a HP poster in my media library (posh word for where the books and DVDs live).

I own nearly all of the HP Wii Games and HP Year 1-4 Lego for the iPad. I haven’t played or finished them all yet.

I am itching to book tickets for 15th July but think it may be a tad early but the date is in my diary (I was so anxious to see one of them on its opening day that we ended up with front row seats and a headache – sadly that meant I had to see it again (I still have all my cinema tickets but then I keep those anyway)).

I actually *ahem* inspired J.K. Rowling’s SPEW with Trolls instead of House Elves and I cried more in Book 7 when Dobby died than I had when Dumbledore died at the end of Book 6. Although you can’t see me in the picture I am young and it was before HP came out. Look even his natty outfit looks like something Dobby would wear.

I have called my car Luna after Luna Lovegood. I only did this because I have no children ;o) and the car is silver so it makes sense.

One year my sister made me this birthday cake because she knew how much I love HP (I got an iPad slab of chocolate last year). Here I am blowing out the candles (ooo teacakes on the plate).

I am SO sad I made a video with sultan the cuddly toy I’ve had since I was one with me dooing the theme tune and then moving in on a Harry Figurine with patronus stag and then saying Expecto Patronum. It works in QuickTime but it won’t let me upload due to security hence the description. The HP figure was a very cool gift I was given (my Michelle I believe – hope I’ve remember that right). Since posting I have found out that it does load to Facebook so if you are a friend on facebook you can find it in my videos. Happy viewing.

I swear that when I woke up from my anaesthetic after having my head stitched together after a car accident that the nurse in the recovery room said I had a scar to rival Harry Potter’s.

I searched my computer for content on HP and found mazes, wallpapers, PP quizzes, printable books, screenshots of things I have seen or done online. Try as hard as I might I could not find the phone video of the girls playing the theme tune on launch night.

I loved the first film and felt the settings in it were perfect for the world. I looked like the characters in the boats when they saw Hogwarts. I hated the Prisoner of Azkaban when I first saw it (though not any more). This was because they changed the set so much it annoyed me and of course Richard Harris wasn’t playing Dumbledore anymore (he was perfect) and I’m afraid I’m not all that keen on Michael Gambon. After watching that film I have learnt to lighten up a bit and go with the changes they’ve made. (Side note: Robert Pattinson is much sexier as Cedric than as Edward in Twilight – Team Jacob). Some of the comedic moments with the students are good. The Burning of the Burrow and chase through the swamps in film 6 really peeved me off though (what was that!). I love the bit in Film 6 though when Harry takes the luck potion and when Professor Slughorn says ‘Harry’ he says ‘Sir’ (I’ve linked to the imdb quote but you have to see/hear it to get why I like it so much).

But as much as I do enjoy the films now I think that in a few years Harry Potter should be made into a TV series a little more faithful to the books and not cutting everything out – we need to see Nearly Headless Nick’s Deathday Party in Chambers. If it’s a series it can be as long as it likes then.

I really really want my next holiday abroad to be to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Universal Orlando Florida (and do the Disney thing again while I’m there). Who’s up for a trip?

So how much do you love Harry Potter?

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  1. Well, I was right, but I never guessed you had it quite so bad. Now, will you still be my friend if I tell you I’ve never read any Harry Potter and only seen bits of one or two of the films?

  2. I’m terrified to say this but here goes: I gave up on the first book. So can’t comment on HP but Orlando is amazing, I’m in!

    (My best guess for today was Hawaii.. fail)

    • Hawaii sounds nice too. Orlando was good when I went years ago.
      You not seen the films either?
      Listen to the Stephen Fry Audiorecordings instead, he has a lovely voice.

  3. Wow. I thought I was a Harry Potter fan, but you’ve put me to shame!

    I, too, started reading the books after the 4th was released. However, I read the first chapter of a borrowed copy of the 1st and immediately went out and bought all 4. She had me from Chapter 1.

    Visiting from A to Z!

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