Shlurpping Shloer

Shlurpping Shloer

I’ve actually done a good bit of socialising, catching up and eating Chinese with my girlie friends recently. Now none of us are big drinkers (unless we are hiding a secret midnight vodka habit) and on some occasions we have been known to drink tea on a night in together which makes us feel and verbalise our concerns about growing old.

I was recently offered the opportunity to trial some Shloer for free. A bargainous price I’m sure you’ll agree. Now, my first memories of Shloer are of the White grape variety with Sunday roast dinners as a child (this must also be before I was 12 and gave up meat because of a Pig’s eyeball incident in Science – thankfully Shloer is suitable for vegetarians like me). I think sometimes my parents drank it with us but am pretty sure that at other times they were on the harder sparkly stuff.

For me then, Shloer has lovely family memories attached. Before I was offered my samples I had rediscovered Shloer in the Supermarket and bought a couple of bottles as well as shared some on the aforementioned nights in.

The flavours I was supplied with were red grape and rosé, I was familiar with the white grape and have since bought the white grape & elderflower (not yet tried white grape, raspberry and cranberry or apple & white grape).

My friend over at ittakesawoman, who is not the biggest drinker of alcohol, identified red grape as the one she liked, finding the rosé too sweet. I’m not sure of her wine colour preferences but I like medium whites and rosé but pretty much detest reds. In Shloer that pattern seems to correspond, very much like the rosé and white varieties I’ve tried. The red grape though is perfectly drinkable (unlike vinegar red wine, I still have an immature palate, can’t stand olives either) if a little bitter for my tastes. I really enjoyed the elderflower one but I do like elderflower cordial. I wonder if that is more a summer afternoon Pimms substitute and think it would be nice poured over ice.

I’m someone who is not generally a big fizzy drink drinker so you may think the fact that Shloer is fizzy would put me off. However, it’s different, comes in six flavours and poured in a wine glass can make one feel ever so sophisticated whilst remaining sober for the drive home.

The only real negatives are that it isn’t a free drink when dieting, a la slimming world, and the bottles aren’t big enough (750ml) so three wine glasses and a bottle is gone. Admittedly my wine glasses are huge but I’d love to see a litre bottle. It is a little more expensive than your plastic bottle fizzies but supermarkets do often have it on promotional prices.

If you nip onto the Shloer website and facebook page they have some cocktail suggestions so that you can mix it up even more. So girlies when is our next night in?

Now I think I may have already mentioned getting a couple of free (very well packed) bottles but what I’ve written above is my honest opinion (seriously do you think that rambling came from a PR person ;0))

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  1. Very nice! Speaking for myself definitely no midnight vodka habit – not after the Bar Med incident!!

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