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2 Rounds Down

Well, I got my round 2 fiction entry in on time, just. Word count was around 2,300 with a maximum allowance of 2,500 so I was pretty close to the mark. Much better than the 900 odd words last round. Suddenly thought that I may not have put a line count against my poem.
Still no pages for ScriptFrenzy but I did have a productive Slingink day. Finally got the Member Guide written and posted and I also did the page and post for the e-zine I’m going to be running.
Please check out Slingink for more details if you’d like to submit something. We are accepting short fiction, poetry, flashes and articles. Also potentially longer work for serialisation.

Slingink Competitions

The writing website I administrate is currently running a couple of competitions – please check out the site for details.

One is a short short story – no more than 140 words with a one word title. The judge is Hywela Lyn –

The other is a fiction and poetry competition – Judges Eva Ulian and Sally Quilford

(Categories are over 16 (fee to enter) and ages 8-11 and 12-15 (free to enter).

Please send us an entry.

Eurofiction has started

Eurofiction has now started.

Eeeek. I’m not sure what the contestants are worried about they don’t have 25 stories (at the last count) to read and judge and comment on.

Looking forward to it really – love to read and critique so should be good.

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