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W is for… Why I Write (Orwell) (Book) #AtoZChallenge

W is for… Why I Write (Orwell) (Book)


This is a short little book containing four essays written by George Orwell. The one I was most interested in, is the 10 page title essay – Why I Write.

As a side note I didn’t realise he was so young when he died, only 47. A quick Google told me that he had tuberculosis. Even more surprising was that he wrote 1984 when he was ill publishing it just a year before his death.

Some choice snippets from this essay:

He talks about making up his own story – writing his life descriptively in his head (p.3)

Subject matter is determined by age the writer lives in (p.4)

Before starting writing one acquires an emotional attitude from which you can’t escape (p.4)

To escape early influences might kill the ‘impulse to write’ (p.4)

Other than for money, four main reasons to write – shifts in balance or focus on these over time:
1. Sheer egoism e.g. to be remembered
2. Aesthetic enthusiasms e.g. Perception of beauty ‘in words and their right arrangement’
3. Historical impulse e.g. Record for posterity
4. Political purpose e.g. ‘Desire to push the world in a certain direction’ (p.4-5)

‘every book is a failure’ (p.10)

‘Writing a book is a horrible, exhausting struggle, like a long bout of some painful illness. One would never undertake such a thing if one were not driven on by some demon whom one can neither resist nor understand’ (p.10)

He concludes by saying that his political purpose is his driving force.

Do you recognise elements of the four main reasons to write in you? Which do you think is most important at this time?

What do you think he meant by ‘every book is a failure’ – this isn’t expanded on – is it self confidence or something else?

Do you voice-over your life, e.g. ‘Kirsty walks into the pub, spies the pool tables and fishes the 50p out of purse at the request of a friend.’? (I don’t think I do normally)

Thanks to Colin Smith for awarding me the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award.

This award comes with some rules and I will obey some and break others. Below is the award logo and also my completion of the sentence ‘A great reader is…’
The bit I’m going to break is listing 14 other people to give this award to – Sorry Colin hope you don’t mind. I’m not one for chain mails etc either. If I like what the mail says I forward it but where possible take out the send this to x no of people bit. I will however say a huge thank you to Colin in particular who has commented lots on my blog during this challenge and thank you too to each and everyone of you who have commented this month and before, especially if you’ve come back more than once – that has been very appreciated. In short I would give this to everyone who has taken time to read what I’ve written whether you’ve commented or not.

A great reader is one who reads their own story as well as the one that is written.


W is for… Wonderfalls #AtoZChallenge

W is for… Wonderfalls


I’m not sure how many of you will have heard of Wonderfalls. Just one season of 13 episodes, this was a wacky little show that reminds me of the BBC kids series Shoebox Zoo in some ways though this is much odder.

Jaye works in the Falls souvenir shop at Niagra Falls when inanimate objects start talking to her and guiding her to act based on their often cryptic warnings.

This was a fun and quirky series that was probably always destined to be cancelled too soon.

And a quick nod to Wizards of Waverley Place

A Disney channel show about three wizard siblings; Max, Alex and Justin. When older they must compete to become the only wizard in the family. For now they go to school, work in the family restaurant and learn what they can about magic.

I think my favourite character is Hugh Normous who they meet at Wizard School – he thinks he’s a giant and just has really small things around him to try and feel bigger.

So, do you remember Wonderfalls?
If an inanimate object started talking to you how do you think you’d react?

V is for… Victory #AtoZChallenge

V is for… Victory

Today’s post was going to be called ‘Value the Personal’ but I think I’ve already made the point that I think it is important to value personal experience, opinion, biases etc etc in research so instead I’m going to share a short personal PhD victory.

Today I had supervision, my overarching research question finally looks good – my sub-questions need tweaking because I’ve made them too closed and they need to be open! There are too many of them so I get to cut some out for the time being. I consider this a victory. I feel comfortable with what I have down.

Wish me this as an ongoing feeling.

 Image courtesy of imagerymajestic/

Image courtesy of imagerymajestic/

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