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Him & Me by Jack and Michael Whitehall – Audiobook Review

Him & MeHim & Me by Jack Whitehall
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Him & Me – Jack and Michael Whitehall

The audiobook of Jack and Michael sharing their recollection of Jack’s formative years was very entertaining, the banter between them and interruptions of each other added to the experience and had me laughing along.

Topics covered were schooling (including a dubious request for Jack to be a life drawing model), employment of nannies (who were all very far off being practically perfect) familial relationships, holidays, Jack’s 18th birthday party and lots of celebrity clients’ name dropping by Michael.

Both men seemed equally embarrassed of each other at times, Jack stopping his father’s attempts at non-PC ‘ethnic’ accents and Michael at one point walking out when Jack was ‘mocking’ The Royal Family.

I loved seeing the differences between the two generations in terms of their views on a number of matters and it reminded me of my relationship with my own parents at times. I loved how Hilary (Jack’s mother and Michael’s wife) added her ten points of clarification on certain matters at the end. This lead to some questioning over how factual these accounts were. But to be honest I read this for entertainment, not fact (and how completely true is any auto/biographical account) and I wasn’t disappointed.

I’m afraid I had to withdraw a star because of Michael’s disparagement of Daniel Radcliffe in Harry Potter (jealously because Jack didn’t get the role) ;0)

I’d definitely recommend this as an audiobook.

4/5 stars.

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2014 – what have you planned for me?

I know I said this would be up over the weekend but because I finished it today I might as well release it. I’ve added the Do Not Dos to stop me doing stuff too. The need to find a better balance is important to me.

Most anticipated:
LeakyCon in Orlando and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter/Universal/Disney
The Divergent Movie – especially Theo James as Four
The Fault in Our Stars Movie
Mockingjay Part 1 Movie
Geek Girl 3: Picture Perfect [Holly Smale]
Echoes of Us (The Hybrid Chronicles book 3) [Kat Zhang]
Wicked/The Bodyguard/Seven Brides for Seven Brothers/Rent Concert/Miranda Hart/War Horse/Sarah Millican/West Side Story (in a box)/Wicked (yes I know it’s on here twice).

Tempted by the UK YA convention, film and comicon in July.

Complete book reviews from last year by end Jan
Finish HOL homework (sign up for less classes next time)
Reading Challenge of 52 books whilst keeping on top of reviews.
Join the Insecure Writer’s Blogging Challenge (1 blog post 1st Wed of each month)
Complete Full First Draft of Tetrana
Complete Full First Draft of Training Time
Add to Training Time 2 as possible
NaNoWriMo Nov 2014 (time/PhD progress dependent)
Face your Boggart
Write a New Beginnings story
Write a couple of poems across the year

PhD Ethics, recruitment and data collection
Complete at least 1 publication
OTalk research

Home and Health:
Complete house sort and tidy
Keep on top of receipts
Keep meal planning and batch cooking – eat breakfast and take lunch to work!
Healthy and Happy – exercise – inc – parkrun, eat better and make a note of things that make me happy

Do Not Do (Would love to do but really don’t have the time):
A Daily Challenge – just read the word a day calendar!!
Jan Mindful Challenge
100k in 100 days
April A-Z Blogging Challenge
Camp NaNo

What else should I add to my anticipated list?

Gruesome and Bloodsocks by Jane Holiday – Book Review


So I’ve made my first completed read of 2014 a kids’ book from 1987 that I found at my parents. Don’t remember reading it before though.

This is the story of Augusta, otherwise known as Gruesome Gussie, and her cat Bloodsocks. Gruesome is a vampire who is allergic to blood, it makes her sick and she comes out in silver spots. Because of her refusal to drink blood her vampire family banish her from their graveyard. She moves to another town where they make her move into a council house and sign on the dole (seems easy apart from the paperwork in 1987?!).

Her best friend becomes a skinhead youth called Leotard and she has to adapt by wearing pink! There is a sub plot where Bloodsocks and other neighbourhood pets are petnapped, and her vampire family find her again.
All in all this is an entertaining little read with some fun illustrations by Steven Appleby. Would recommend for bedtime reading with little ones.



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