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Crafty Charity Calendar Challenge to Celebrate World OT Day

Well Hello on this warm Summery October’s Eve!!

I have some very crafty friends and, inspired by them, I have just decided to set all my blogging readers a challenge to help me celebrate World OT Day (World Federation of Occupational Therapists (WFOT)) which is 27th October 2011.

I would love everyone, OTs, writers, friends, bloggers etc to join in please – I will too.

The challenge is this:

1. To design an ATC that celebrates an aspect of Occupational Therapy.

If you don’t know what an ATC is please see my good friend Catherine’s blog post on ATCs (you can see some fantastic examples of ATCs on her blog too – Catherine hoping you take part – hint hint).

If you aren’t too sure what Occupational Therapy is check out my earlier blog post or any of the blog links under the Occupational Therapy category.

2. Once you have done this take as high a resolution photo as possible of your ATC and put it on your blog or on Twitpic or similar if you don’t have a blog (Please don’t use any Copyrighted images on your ATC otherwise we won’t be able to use them for the Calendar – see below)

3. Then comment on this post (I will add my ATC at the top when it has been completed) adding in the URL for your blog post as ‘your website’ so that when people click on your name they get taken to your post. Please do this by the end of 26th October 2011.

4. If we get enough of them my plan is for everyone to vote for the top 12 and to create an OT 2012 calendar to sell for charity (The top 12 will be featured pictures to be used on the front cover and 1 for each month of the year though I hope to use as many pictures as you are happy to let me to have around the featured pics).

I would be wanting to support the Friends of Forest Holme local charity who have been supporting my Auntie through her battle with cancer and who do fantastic work in our local community.

Please do consider joining in – let me know below if you plan to and please spread the word.



(Please note that this activity is not currently endorsed by WFOT or Friends of Forest Holme but I am seeking their permission to use their logos on the Calendar – Update – I have permission from both to use their logos on the finished product and if the calendar goes into production I will sign a fundraising deed with the charity).

Here is my completed ATC (I need to take a better picture for the actual calendar) – check out the links in the comments below too and don’t forget to link to yours below & tell me if you plan to make one. I’ve received a couple of pictures via Twitter that hopefully will be added here in due course.

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