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With a sense of the tentaclular…

…I’d like to welcome Jonathan Pinnock and Mrs. Darcy to my blog as part of Jonathan’s blog tour to celebrate the publication of Mrs Darcy versus the Aliens.

My very own signed copy arrived in the post last week and now I’ve got a few days off I’m looking forward to a fun read. But first I’d like you to read my interview with the unlikely pair.

Jonathan Pinnock

Firstly, I’d like to say congratulations and here’s a virtual jumping up and down hug.

I heard the throughly justified squeeeeeeees from Poole (via Twitter) when you got your copies of Mrs Darcy and when she arrived at your local WH Smiths.  I’m wondering how you keep your manly composure on a daily basis knowing that your book will be in all good bookshops?

It’s difficult. It’s certainly very odd being able to go into a bookshop and see my creation sitting there grinning at me. I think it’s grinning, anyway.

Mrs Darcy, the book, started as a web serial with accompanying YouTuberances and now has it’s own Wiki, Wickhampedia. Tell us about how Mrs Darcy has invaded your consciousness and forced you to recreate her across so many platforms?

Well, I see Mrs Darcy as an integrated high-concept multi-platform cross-media entity with a quasi pan-dimensional portfolio of interrelated strongly-branded avatars…

For a moment there, I thought you believed me. Nah. Basically I’ll try anything to publicise Mrs Darcy and I like playing with technology.

In the third volume of Slingink All Shorts you said you were surprised you started writing poetry, is Mrs Darcy going to move into verse at all?

I think that would probably be the worst idea ever.

How important have others been along the route to publication, from family, friends and fellow writers to agents, editors, publishers, etc? Any tips on how to deal with any of those groups or for any of those groups on how to deal with a writer?

Gosh. That could take a long time to answer. Short answer, though: very important indeed. Writing is a lonely way of life and you need a support group if you’re going to make it in any way at all. So you need to network a lot.

You also write technically, how do you find it to separate the two and what aspects of each do you prefer/dislike?

To be honest, I’ve pretty much given up the technical writing now, although my day job is very much a technical one – software development. The two things are very different. In one case you’re trying to solve problems whereas in the other you’re trying to create them! There are very few things about writing that I dislike, apart from the fact that I can’t spend enough time doing it.

A question I’m interested in researching for my PhD is why people write. Why are you a writer?

Because I have no choice. I’ve tried to escape it a few times but I always come back. There’s nothing quote like the thrill of seeing your own words come to life, and once you’ve done it once you can never give it up.

And a quick fire round. Five words or less.

When do you write? Mainly in the evening.

Where do you write? Sitting at my desk.

Do you have a writing outfit? No.

Pen or pencil? Pencil.

Quill or keyboard? Keyboard every time.

Favourite hobby other than writing? Eek. Um. Collecting odd stuff.

Mrs Darcy

Mrs. Darcy, how does it feel to have your story told by the esteemed Mr. Pinnock, has he handled the adaptation well? For example there appears to be some mention of private bedroom matters!!

Great heavens! Can this be true? The man is a scoundrel. I shall petition my dear Fitzy to run him down and have him horsewhipped!

Jon has an obligatory ‘chin on the hand’ author’s pose, which of his poses that he’s practised in the mirror would you recommend as an alternative?

I think the one he used when preparing for our last masked ball at Pemberley was quite fetching. Certainly less scary.

So from balls to aliens, how has your daily routine changed since the arrival of the very out of towners?

I must be frank with you, ‘tis the source of many vexations. For example, there are simply no rules of etiquette about which tentacle one should grasp when greeting a new acquaintance. Or how one should respond when one finds out that a member of the kitchen staff has been subjected to a probe. Still, at least they are not French.

What exactly is going on on that front cover with the extended finger?

Sadly I know not. You will need to take this up with the alien lady in question. She comes from a good family, so I am sure she will gladly assist you.

Have you decided what to do with your share of the royalties?

I intend to add an entire new wing to Pemberley. Or failing that, my old doll’s house. I understand balsa wood is competitively priced at present.

If your story were to be adapted to the screen (how huge would that squueeeeeeeeeee be Jon?) who would you like to play you and who would be your Mr Darcy?

I understand it is conventional to enlist the services of an American for these rôles, so probably someone like Scarlett Johansson would do. Failing that, Miranda Hart. I think James Corden would be an innovative choice for Mr Darcy.

And a quick fire round. Five words or less.

Aliens or Zombies? ALIENS! How could you?

Pride or Prejudice? Pride of course.

Darcy or Pinnock? Darcy. Mention the other not.

Wet or dry shirt? Summer wet, winter dry.

Thanks to you both for these delightful insights, relevant to all of my readers (OTs – I asked some of those questions for you).

I’m a bit sad there will be no Mrs Darcy poetry, I’d like to see what Jon would rhyme with tentacle.

I would love to see a film version with Miranda Hart and James Cordon (Surely Mrs Darcy can’t have been made aware of the scandal surrounding Ms Johansson and certain ‘pictures’ when she made that suggestion).

I’m hoping a sequel might answer those etiquette questions Mrs Darcy posed – that is if Jon’s horsewhipping doesn’t prevent him writing one.

So what are you all waiting for – get thee to your nearest WHSmiths (or alternative good bookshop) and order a copy and I’d love you to come back in a few days for my review once I’ve devoured the book (Kirsty surreptitiously slides the tentacle back under her writing outfit!)

 Look at that amazing tentacle signature!

Jon’s Blog          Mrs Darcy’s online presence



Silent Sunday

Mrs Darcy and Mr Pinnock coming soon

One of my good writer buddies from Slingink, Jonathan Pinnock, has just had his first novel published.

Mrs Darcy versus the Aliens is a ‘sequel’ to Pride and Prejudice that started out life as an online serialisation.

Both Mrs Darcy and Mr Pinnock will be joining me here on 16th September as part of his blog tour.

To follow the rest of the tour check out his website here.

To find out more about Mrs Darcy she has entered the computer age here too.

Whilst you are waiting for my Mrs and Mr interview you could try buying and reading the book from your local W H Smiths or from Amazon (sponsored link) – I’m waiting to find out how to get a signed copy because I have the feeling this is only the first of many books to come from Jon.


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